Pick-a-Prez Show – Truth or Consequences

On With the Show

It’s time for the game show “Pick a Prez” and our contestants line up with their zingy one-liners and sharpened barbs. Straw polls stand ready to record your thumbs-up or thumbs-down reaction to each candidate’s presentation.

Can he or she sing like a pro? Can they dance? How about this: is your “fave” smarter than a fifth grader?

Tension fills the air. The audience is on the edge of the seat. And, now – It’s show time!

Republican Presidential candidate debates remind me of a TV show I watched as a child: Truth or Consequences, hosted by Bob Barker.

Okay, we’ve heard contestants’ one-liners, zingers and personal attack barbs against one another. Funny – very funny. But, now the director calls for a mood change. So, it’s time for Truth or Consequences.


Thinking on this theme, truth, let’s change debate rules: only our “history professor” can speak.

First up: Gov. Mitt Romney

Governor, your presidential platform looks sound. You’ve included excellent “planks” like “pro-life”, “pro-Second Amendment”, “pro-business” and “healthcare freedom”. Governor, Mr. History speaking here, when did you change your worldview?


Back in 2002, you staunchly upheld your belief in “a woman’s right to choose” to Tim Russert in a gubernatorial. As his questioner pointed out in a YouTube video, “he’s not pro-choice or pro-life. He’s multiple choice.”

Anthropogenic (man-made) Global Warming

In a Road to the White House meeting recorded by C-SPAN, Romney reaffirmed his belief “the world is getting warmer and humans contributed to that” so it’s “important to reduce greenhouse gasses” and so on, something like Al Gore’s blah, blah, blah.

Neil Cavuto interviews Gov. Mitt Romney following his success setting in law landmark healthcare in Massachusetts. In a light moment, they briefly marvel that liberal Democrat Sen. Ted Kennedy supported Romney’s law. Massachusetts health care law has come to be known as “RomneyCare 1.0” or “ObamaCare Lite”.


Saving time and trusting your native intelligence, I simply point to the above issues and ask the question, “Who is the REAL Mitt Romney?” It’s time for Truth or Consequences, my friends. Do we want another “flip-flop” president? I think not.

On balance, all other Republican Candidates speak forthrightly on their worldviews. Let’s let the rest of them continue to expose their ideas and let history judge their actions, but, for me, Romney gets the hook.


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