Paper vs Electronic – Reliable vs Easy Fraud

Updated 19 December 2011

Sanctitiy of Elections vs. Low-Impact Cost Cutting

Ostensibly as a cost-saving measure, there is a frantic push toward electronic ballots, but I write to oppose them.

Since 1967, I have been continuously engaged in the design, manufacturing and deployment of a very broad range of computer-based control systems, including some of the most sophisticated weapons system ever devised by man. My business today provides complex and highly secure building automation systems for jails, courthouses, hospitals and other sensitive customers. My comments are not unqualified.

Not once since computers emerged in the 20th Century has anyone developed an electronic data acquisition or control system that cannot be compromised. I am referring to the very real threat of electronic voter fraud. For this reason, I ALWAYS use paper ballots.

True, there are means to defeating paper ballot votes, but any person with ordinary intelligence can detect voter fraud, when using paper ballots. People of superior intelligence and education, unless trained electrical engineers or experienced technicians, will not be capable of discovering electronic voter fraud.

UPDATE 17 Dec 2011

In today’s news, hackers threaten to disrupt vote counting machines In Iowa Caucus. To protect the vote, what do they do? Yes, the Republican caucus will forego electronic ballots for dependable PAPER ballots. Read more through the link below.

Iowa Caucus Polling System Threatened By Hackers

It is worth pointing out that electronic voting machines require more manpower. I suggest you spend time in the elections office to watch the process. You almost need one person per machine to explain its operation to voters. Paper ballots just aren’t difficult to understand.

Is your vote important? I know mine is and I want my vote to count.  

Reference number 1 shows you how easily a virus can be introduced into an electronic voting machine. Reference number 2 reinforces the first.


  1. Fox News video FOX: Diebold Electronic Vote Fraud Confirmed
  2. New York Times Article Computer Voting Is Open to Easy Fraud, Experts Say
  3. Computer Programmer Testimony He Was Requested to Write Code to Rig U.S. Elections (video of testimony before Congress) – added 1-14-2012


Contact your Rockwall County Commissioner. Tell them your voting preferences. Even if you disagree with me, they need to hear from you.

County Judge Jerry Hogan (972) 204-6000
Comm. Precinct 1 Jerry Wimpee (972) 204-6000 (doesn’t want your email)
Comm. Precinct 2 Lorie Grinnan (972) 204-6000
Comm. Precinct 3 Dennis Bailey (972) 204-6030(972) 322-2612 (c)
Comm. Precinct 4 David Magness (972) 204-6040(214) 676-3966 (c)

3 thoughts on “Paper vs Electronic – Reliable vs Easy Fraud

  1. John, I think the 2010 Nevada elections were fraudulent as the machines were programmed by SEIU and there was a mysterious statewide meltdown for a period of time and then the machines came up again and the4% lead that Sharon Angle had on election day became a 4% deficit when the votes were counted. Fishy to say the least if you ask me.

  2. John, after thirty-plus years in IT and network design, I am convinced that electronic voting is just not ready for prime time. Computer security is not where it needs to be in order to entrust the integrity of a function so vital to our liberty to systems so vulnerable to hacking. Last month, one of the systems controlling our military drones in the Middle East was breached, perpetrators unknown. If hardened military systems are still susceptible, how can we be confident that our own systems can’t be tampered with? Short answer – we can’t. I’m with you on this one.

    1. Bob, thank you for your thoughtful and qualified reply. Please encourage fellow citizens to contact their respective County Commissioners to oppose electronic voting machines. My commissioner, Lorie Grinnan, and my GOP Precinct Chairman, Ken Dickson, have heard from me.

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