Dead Democrats Vote – How About You?

Following 2010 elections and subsequent voter fraud scandals, it appeared ACORN was done in. Untrue. ACORN, SEIU, American Nazi Party, American Communist Party, far-left wing of Democrat Party – all united to re-elect their glorious leader.

While I characterize OWS people as hooligans, rapists, socialists and lumpenproletariat (dangerous class), Obama sees them as his “army”, ready to steal another election. What can we expect?

Well, for one thing, I foresee repeat votes by these folks on Soros’ payroll.ACORN, and other players in Obama’s “army” will provide the buses to get them between precincts, key states and strategic cities where they will be able to cast mulitiple illegal votes, as they will be “registered” inside squatter camps.

What can you and I do?

1-Register to vote. All votes count. In the 2008 election, only 39.6% of eligible voters cast ballots. Can you see why fraudulent votes count so heavily?

2-Volunteer at your local Republican precinct to be a poll watcher. Become trained in this task. Do you know your precinct chairperson? Probably not. That’s okay. Look up the local Republican Party headquarters in your area and ask to be on their mailing list, learn about regular meetings open to the public, know your polling place.

3-Talk to your neighbors about issues, election dates, candidates and patriotic values.

4-Participate in LOCAL TEA Party activities. Yes, you can subscribe to a wide array of TEA Party newsletters, and that’s okay, but as it has been said, “all politics is local”. Connect with like-minded patriots in your own community.

Our non-voting neighbors get confused about elections because there are many: municipal, bond, general, primaries, etc.

Knowledge is power. Empower yourself with knowledge about all candidates. Do it like your life depends on that knowledge, because it does.

In Rockwall County Texas, follow us on facebook page “TEA Party Rockwall”. Send your questions to


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