November TEA: Gaming & Racing – Formula for Failure in Texas

State Legislature Gambling on Texas

Rockwall County TEA Party November Meeting

Where:           The Well Coffee Lounge

Address:         103 East Main Street

                        Royse City, Texas 75189

                              (972) 635-6852

Date:              Nov. 19 (Saturday)

Time:              9 to 10 am

Topic:             Gaming & Racing – Formula for Failure in Texas

We’ll learn how powerful and influential people are manipulating our Texas economy in order to promote casino and racetrack gambling as agents of rescue. Do you remember the promise that the lottery would fund state education?

We conservatives worked hard to elect solid majorities in the Texas House and Senate, expecting conservative leadership. Instead, we got a majority of RINO’s (Republicans In Name Only). The outcome? It was as though Democrats took control of the Legislature.

Knowledge is power. We’re not helpless. TEA Party conservatives, greater in number and better organized, are educating ourselves and preparing for the next round. If the gamblers win control of the legislature again, we’ll fall into a financial hole from which we’ll never emerge.

Come early to network and enjoy breakfast with your favorite beverage at The Well Coffee Lounge.

As always, meetings are family-friendly, open to the public and no charge.

Homework: Gambling Facts and Statistics

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