What people constitute the TEA Party? – Open Rebuke of Colin Powell

Here in Rockwall County, TEA Party participants are moms, dads, grandparents, young single adults, business owners, lawyers, doctors, nurses, oil men – patriots all. And they always VOTE.

Collectively and singularly, we are a people who know the Declaration of Independence, love and revere the U.S. Constitution, can quote the Bill of Rights and we read the Federalist Papers.

We know that our federal government was founded by wise men who called on the Living God, the Creator of the Universe for guidance. In other words, we know our Judeo-Christian heritage and the role of faith in the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob in the establishment and preservation of this, the greatest nation in the history of the world. We know also that sin is a reproach to any people and unless we repent of our sins, singularly and collectively, the wrath of God falls on us.

Last week, Colin Powell (remember him?) attributed partisan division in Washington on us. Specifically, in an interview with Christiane Amanpour on CNN, he said this:

Colin Powell Endorsed Barack Hussein Obama in 2008

Compromise is how this country was founded, and unless two people in disagreement with each other don’t find a way to reach out to one another and make compromises, you don’t get a consensus that allows you to move forward.

But the Tea Party point of view of no compromise whatsoever is not a point of view that will eventually produce a presidential candidate who will win.”

True, our history is rife with compromise – compromise of principles. For example, the Great Compromiser Henry Clay successfully delayed start of the Civil War at least ten years. And what was the fruit of that compromise? More of our people died in that dreadful war than the sum total of our war dead from all other wars fought under our flag from the Revolution to Iraq and Afghanistan.

Today, the compromise Mr. Powell promotes is a budget compromise. It’s helpful to understand what compromise means in this context. It means conservative Republicans should roll over and play dead so the far-left Democrats and a president of questionable citizenship accumulate more debt.

At this point in time, our national debt approaches total gross domestic product (GPD). When and where should we compromise, Mr. Powell? Obviously, Mr. Powell, who endorsed Barack Obama in 2008, is “color blind”.

Now is the time to stop accumulating debt that our children and grandchildren will never, ever pay off. Crippling debt will enslave our people forever.

I ask you to contact your Congressional delegation and encourage them to demand NO NEW TAXES, REDUCED SPENDING and LESS GOVERNMENT REGULATION.

Below link takes you to the interview with Colin Powell by Christiane Amanpour.


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