Iranians Display Captured American Drone


It’s a matter of record. We know beyond a shadow of a doubt. Obama unlawfully bribed officials, lied to the American public and to Congress. Without question, he tramples the Constitution as he “channels” Hugo Chavez. His wild spending has brought the world to the point of global economic collapse.

Why, my friends and neighbors ask, does the House delay his impeachment?

Now we learn how he gave one of our top-secret drones to Iran. He could have given the order to destroy it, but he did not. In fact, his military advisers begged him for permission, but he denied their requests.


How did one of our drones “crash” in Iran with nary a scratch?

Why did the President not allow its destruction to protect American secrets?

Is he “channeling” Bill Clinton who thought it unfair North Korea did not have an up to date nuclear reactor.

To the point: will Congress sit on its hands? Why do Democrats continue to support this president of dubious citizenship who surrounds himself with wealthy communists? What happened to the Democrat Party of which I was a part? Are patriots no longer in that party?


Mainstream news reported how one of our drones “crashed” in the Iranian desert a few days ago. It was a plausible story.

Now, we learn how Obama denied permission for the military to destroy the drone.


And now it is – it’s time for Democrat and Republican lawmakers to unite around the Constitution and fulfill their duty. Yes, I said it: do you duty. Rid us of this treasonous mandatario.

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