Lowe Down on Ford Effect: All American Muslim

California v. Lowe’s Home Improvement

California State Senator Ted Lieu, D-Torrance, (Democrat – take note) calls for Americans to boycott Lowe’s Home Improvement that dropped sponsorship of a show called “All American Muslim” about Muslims that live in Michigan.


Let’s stand back and think: A California Senator who presumably was elected to represent Californians is calling a boycott for what he calls bigotry against people in another state. Is this reasonable? No, but he’s a Californian, so among his people he is “normal”.


Just a Typical Muslim Family Oppressed by Jews

Perhaps the subtle irony swirls around a Muslim family featured in the show, a Michigan Muslim family. What’s the significance of Michigan in this story? Thank you for asking.


Michigan is known as “The Islamic Capitol of the USA”. More Muslims live in Michigan than in any other state in the Union. To add to this perspective, it is the second largest Arab population outside the Middle East. Surprised? Do you know why? No? I’ll tell you.

Michigan: Islamic Capitol of USA

During WW1, Henry Ford recruited Arab and Chaldean workers for his first plant in Highland Park area of Dearborn, MI to build his Model-T. Just to better frame societal values and prejudices, it’s helpful to understand the Shiite sect holds majority status. Tens of millions of terror-support dollars to Hezbollah originate among Muslim supporters living in the greater Dearborn area. Okay, now, you said you were going to tell me why so large a Muslim population – stop chasing rabbits.

Henry Ford vehemently hated Jews. I could state facts all day long, but would you accept my word? Probably not. Would you accept the words of Henry Ford? Yes, you say?

During WW1, Ford frequently wrote anti-Jew articles that were published in The Dearborn Independent. Later, he consolidated his articles, publishing them in a book titled “The International Jew: The World’s Foremost Problem”, available on Amazon.com. In his own words, Ford attributes all the world’s problems to Jews. Adolf Hitler plagiarized portions for his book, “Mein Kampf”, also available on Amazon.com. I’ll save a discussion about Ford’s ardent support of Adolf for another time.

Henry recruited Arabs and Chaldean peoples to work in his assembly plant.

Getting on Point

A recurring theme from “All American Muslim” is how Muslims suffer bigotry and prejudice because of their faith. Didn’t I tell you Michigan is the Islamic Capitol of America? How does this play out? Can you see how disingenuous the show is?

I will go so far as to say Michigan, Dearborn particularly, is the seat of racial and religious bigotry and hatred. Jews and Christians living within this quasi-caliphate suffer personal attacks daily. For advancement of your knowledge, view this very short YouTube video where “All American Muslims” spit on, curse and make obscene gestures to Jewish and Christian camera crew during the 2011 Arab Festival in Dearborn, MI this past summer.

Muslim Spitting on Jewish and Christian Camera Crew

It is not the Muslim population at risk in America. Jews and Christians are the people at risk. Political correctness, a staple of California, threatens religious liberty for our traditional Judeo-Christian population.

Personal note to simple-minded California State Senator Ted Lieu: You are backing the wrong team.

I encourage you to contact Lowe’s Home Improvement and commend them from dropping support for the “All American Muslim” TV show.

  Lowe’s Home Improvement

Corporate Headquarters

1000 Lowes Blvd.

Mooreseville, NC 28117


Use this electronic feedback form to express your support. Muslim hate mail has been recruited to discourage and intimidate Lowe’s. They need to hear from the rest of us.





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