Wisconsin Atheists Offended by Baby Jesus in Athens

Henderson County Nativity Scene

Put up a Christmas tree, hang some holly on the door, hold a parade down Main Street and no one complains. But, just MENTION the name of Jesus and see what happens. Have you noticed?

An atheist organization located in Wisconsin threatened to sue Henderson County over public display of a Nativity scene annually placed on the Henderson County Courthouse lawn. Atheists say the scene offends them? Can you believe something so simple as a manger scene of baby Jesus and his mother arouses such anger, such consternation? Actually, that is exactly what the Nativity scene is supposed to do.

What? Do I suggest it is the intent of Christians to offend atheists? No, I don’t suggest such a thing. Jesus warned us this would happen.

God blesses you when people mock you and persecute you and lie about you and say all sorts of evil things against you because you are my followers. - Jesus Christ (Matt. 5:11)

While Jesus walked this earth, his life was a continual offense to his townsmen and even his family. On one occasion, when he returned to his hometown to teach about the Kingdom of God, his old neighbors reviled him. He offended them.

What was, and is today, so offensive about Jesus Christ? It is his cross that offends and we who have been born again of the Spirit bear the stench of death to atheists. The Cross of Jesus is foolishness to atheists.

Over 5,000 of us rallied in Athens yesterday (17 Dec 2011), not to protest the atheists, but to reaffirm our faith in Jesus Christ. And, so what should be our response to future complaints from atheists? Jesus says we are to love them and pray for them.

Over 5,000 Rallied In Support of Henderson County Religious Freedom

If you are a true Christian, you have no reason to be ashamed. Just take care to not deny him publicly. If you do deny him publicly, he’ll deny you in Heaven.

The Church Grows Best and Fastest When Persecuted

2 thoughts on “Wisconsin Atheists Offended by Baby Jesus in Athens

  1. I am an atheist, and atheist of are “offended” by a baby Jesus in public is an insecure ignorant prick. REAL atheist are tolerant and don’t care how you display your religious views (unless threatening). REAL atheist simply keep walking. I’m sorry for these so called atheist organizations who feel “offended” by this. They really give TRUE atheist a bad name. This kind of atheist sickens me.

  2. Famos Feldmann, thank you for your comment. I became a Christian in 1974, somewhat late in life. Although I wasn’t a believer in Jesus, in fact, due to my behavior, no one would question whether or not I was Christian, nothing the religious people with whom I worked offended me in the least. You could have called me atheist; you could have just as easily called indifferent to religion of any kind.

    I agree with you about the irrational reaction of a sector of atheists who go into orbit over public displays of faith in God.

    Then there is the matter of the First Amendment that empowers Christians, Jews, Muslims, Hindus and atheists to publicly state and/or demonstrate their beliefs with impunity.

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