Another Victory for Carter and the Muslim Brotherhood

Headline: Carter ‘pleased’ with Egypt polls

Dateline: 10 Jan. 2012

How refreshing. Jimmy Carter and 40 of his Carter Center cohorts are in Egypt to protect the will of the people. Egypt’s veiled threat to abrogate its treaty with Israel probably pleases him even more.

Jimmy Carter in Cairo
He was ‘pleased’ with the fall of the Shah of Iran, too. Carter, in his role as the great humanitarian, demanded the Shah step down and turn over Iran to the Ayatollah Khomeini.

When he visited North Korea, the great humanitarian kissed its ruthless, despicable dictator. One may assume he kissed Kim Jong-Il on his cheek or lips, but I suspect he kissed the opposite end of the despot’s torso.

So, you ask, “What’s the big deal?” Are you really ready for this?

All actions have consequences. In the case of Carter’s betrayal of the Iranian government, the entire Middle East became unstable. Russia invaded Afghanistan, giving rise to the Taliban that we supported with anti-aircraft missiles and other weapons and training. Following defeat of Russia by the American-armed Taliban — well, you probably know the rest of the story.

Carter Fooled a Lot of Us

We supported him, Christians and Jews alike. Naturally, we were Democrats. Like civil rights lawyer Alan Dershowitz, I believed Carter a man of integrity. Also like Dershowitz, Jimmy disappointed me.

Jimma’ no longer disappoints me. He acts exactly as I expect him to act: he’s an equal-opportunity betrayer of America and Israel.

Saudi oil money generously fills his Carter Center coffers. Yes folks another oppressive regime is Carter’s benefactor. Why does this man so love dictators who brutally oppress their people?

Carter in Saudi Arabia to visit his chief benefactor

Learn more about the character of Jimmy Carter in this article of 30 April 2007 – The Real Jimmy Carter.

Actions Have Consequences (Part Deux)

Carter’s treasonous support of the Muslim Brotherhood dovetails nicely into all his previous and present anti-Israel acts. Many Middle East experts foresee the re-emergence of a caliphate. Soon, bitter Muslim enemies who wish to kill all Jews will completely surround tiny Israel.

Reference links:

Caliphate defined

Fall of the Caliphate (Ottoman Empire) video a quick visualization of its rise and fall at the hand of the West.

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