Electability vs. Your Values – Which GOP Candidate Is Right For Me?

I hear a lot of chatter about a GOP candidate’s “electability”. Electability?? What exactly is ‘electability’? Never mind answering that – I think I know.

Electability isn’t a word found in the Constitution. It’s a term pumped out by the media, including Fox News. Don’t believe me? Let’s ‘google’ it. Ready? …… How many times does this word appear in a broad Google search? – I got 987,000 hits on 1-17-2012 at 0637 hours CST.

The reason you hear this word repeatedly used by news media is they are picking candidates for you. Let me put it another way: the news media ‘talking heads’ are telling you desperate Republicans which candidate to vote for and they are getting away with it because Republicans are desperate to find the anti-Obama candidate.

Ronald Reagan and George H. W. Bush 1980 Debate

Once upon a time there was a Republican candidate who stood firm on Constitutional issues and solid conservative values. His opponent was ‘the anointed one’ propped up by the GOP establishment. This anointed opponent was touted by the media as the more electable candidate. Somehow, folks like me looked past electability and voted for a man who stood for upholding the Constitution as written by the founding fathers – we voted for Ronald Reagan. We voted our values.

Choose Wisely

My first Republican ballot was for Ronald Reagan. Like most Texans, I thought the Democrat Party represented me. Jimmy Carter changed all that. Carter’s policies caused the American economy to go into a stall, then a tail spin. Interest rates ran as high as 18%. Back then, economic instability introduced the variable-rate mortgage that closely mirrors today’s subprime mortgage failures.

If George H. W. Bush (Bush 41), Mr. Electable, had ascended to President before Reagan, we would probably have gone down the fiscal toilet long ago.

At this moment, the media touts two Republican candidates as most electable: Romney and Santorum, two politicians with track records of facilitating big government. Track records tell the true story about them, they are statists.

On the other hand, two of our Republican candidates stand for small federal government, Constitutional values and federalism. Coincidentally, they are both Texans: Rick Perry and Ron Paul.

Just for a moment, block out media rhetoric about ‘electability’ to see which candidates match your values. USAToday.com put up an eleven-question test for this purpose.

Open this link, answer the questions and tell via comments on this article which candidates most closely match your values.

2012 Election: The Candidate Match Game – USATODAY.com

Young adults like me, at least people who, like me, were young adults 32 years ago, voted overwhelmingly for Ronald Reagan. Today’s young adults aren’t impressed with ‘electability’. They want someone who will follow the Constitution, restore sound money and cut the size of federal government.

One thought on “Electability vs. Your Values – Which GOP Candidate Is Right For Me?

  1. I agree with the Wm. F. Buckley rule: “Nominate the most conservative candidate who is electable.” Romney has more money, more organization, a solid base of support from 2008, executive experience as a governor, balanced budgets all 4 years, cut taxes and left a surplus in MA, turned around the Winter Olympics, and has an incredibly successful business background earning profits & turning around businesses. Plus is a DC “outsider” with a primarily conservative agenda. He looks and acts the part, is articulate, has a steady temperament, has an outstanding family & has solid Christian values. It all adds up to the most conservative who is electable.

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