Let’s Keep Our ‘Mitts’ Off One Another and Go After the Prize

Regarding GOP candidate Mitt Romney – something has to be said.

First of a little disclaimer – I am not a Mitt supporter. My choice was, and is, Rick Perry.

Left to right, news people and political rivals from both sides of the political spectrum clamored for Mitt to disclose his tax returns. Now that he has, they feed like piranhas on fresh meat.

Now I ask: Has Mitt broken any laws? No, he has not. He paid the going rate for capital gains. Ah! Now there’s the problem, isn’t it? You jealous, envious jackasses (pardon my French) discovered the tax rate on capital gains is far less than the tax rate on earned income. Yes, that’s correct and it’s a tax advantage available to every citizen and legal resident of this country.

Barack Hussein Obama and the radical-left Democrats are your enemies, not the present panel of Republican candidates. You see, we Republicans disagree by degrees. Our disagreement with the radical left is polar, exact opposite.

For a while, just a little while, let’s let go of the class-envy thing and focus on evaluating, vetting candidates based on their records, not what they promise. Align yourself with a candidate who best reflects your worldview, your principles and your sense of values.

Let’s CELEBRATE life in a country where anyone willing to take risks can prosper and, gasp, yes, get rich.

I’ve been rich and I’ve been poor. Rich is better.” – Author unknown

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