American Life Under the Watchful Eye of a Police State

Under the guise of “national security” the federal government has essentially nullified Constitutional protection of our natural rights enumerated in the first ten amendments.

Every Citizen a Suspect

Last fall the TSA began testing “TSA Pre√TM”, a pre-screening process that essentially looks deep into the private background of each passenger to asses risk beforehand. TSA says “enables our officers to focus more attention on those passengers we know the least about”. Officers? In no wise do TSA employees fulfill the legal definition of law enforcement officers. Those gropers and molesters who poke your privates are merely uneducated union employees.

Congress recently passed the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) that provides Billion$ for more liberty-robbing checkpoints that will be eventually operative on all American highways. These roadside checkpoints are called VIPR (Virtual Intermodal Protection and Response).

Where is all this “Homeland Security” headed? Look to Cuba for a preview of your future. Cuban blogger Yoani Sánchez writes about life under the watchful eye of a police state.

  Will there be microphones here? You ask me while poking your head into every corner of the room. Don’t worry, I say, my life goes on with my guts on display, letting it all hang out. There is no place dark, closed, private… because I live as if walking through a gigantic X-ray machine. Here is the clavicle I broke as a child, the fight we had yesterday over a domestic trifle, the yellowing letter I keep in the back of a drawer. Nothing saves us from scrutiny, my love, nothing saves us. But today — at least for a few hours — don’t think about the police on the other end of the phone, nor the rounded eye of the camera that captures us. Tonight we are going to believe that only we are curious about each other. Turn off the light and for a moment send them to the devil, disarm their eavesdropping strategies.

With so many resources spent on watching us, we have conjured away from them the primordial facet of our lives. They don’t know, for example, even a single word of that language made for twenty years together, that we can use without parting our lips. They would score a zero on any test to decipher the complex code with which we say the trivial or urgent, the everyday or the extraordinary. Surely none of the psychological profiles they’ve done on us tell how you comb my eyebrows and jokingly warn that I’m going to end up looking like Brezhnev. Our watchers, poor guys, have never read the first song you sang me, much less that poem where you said one day we would go to Sydney or Baghdad. Nor will they forgive us every time we escape from them — without a trace — on the diastole of a spasm.

Like Agent Wiesler in the film The Lives of Others, someone will listen to us now, and not understand us. Not understand why, after arguing for an hour, we come together and share a kiss. The astonished police who follow our steps can’t classify our embraces, and they wonder how dangerous to “national security” are those phrases you say only in my ear. So I propose, my love, that tonight we scandalize them or convert them. Let’s take the ear off the wall and in its place oblige them to scribble on a sheet: “1:30 am, the subjects do whatever they want.”



This is your future, if you do nothing. Ignorance of our history, our Declaration of Independence and our Constitution facilitates the growth of government. Our people, like so many sheep, “feel safer”. For now, yes. In the near future attitudes will change, but it will be too late.

  Those who would give up Essential Liberty to purchase a little Temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety. – Benjamin Franklin  

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