The End of Socialism – Slavery

We will defeat fear and show that we are the majority – Maria Corina Machado

Nowadays in Venezuela Hugo “The Clown” Chavez has expropriated private property, silenced the press, restricted the movement of his countrymen and he has virtually enslaved citizens.

Cuban technocrats essentially run the country. Chavez lends money to Castro who repays with his exports of social workers, technicians and medical personnel.

What about crime? On average, there is a murder per hour. We hear about 28,000 deaths in Mexico due to drug-related crimes. How does the Mexican murder rate compare with that of Venezuela? There have been 43,792 homicides in Venezuela over the same time period.

This is the end of socialism: a society plagued by crime, impoverishment, loss of freedoms and virtual imprisonment.

Says Maria Corina Machado, “You can’t work where you want, you can’t buy what you want, your property isn’t yours: is this not slavery?”

Maria Corina Machado is a Venezuelan lawmaker, devout Catholic and outspoken critic of the Chavez regime.

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One thought on “The End of Socialism – Slavery

  1. There is a huge difference between socialism and a regime driven by corruption. I don’t know what I prefer, company abuse and slavery in poor countries by these corporations in neoliberal systems or a rotten socialist system. There are many degrees of socialism, socialism can exist without dictatorship. Good and bad governments exist independently from the theoretical economic system they follow. It is not socialism that has destroyed those countries, it is just the assholes who hold the power. I think Maria Machado is right in that quote, but please don’t think that socialism keeps you from your economic freedom, it’s false.

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