Inflation – More Costly By the Gallon

AAA (no, not the drunks in D.C. – the American Automobile Association) foresees continued gasoline price increases through the summer.

Gasoline pricing is the product of a complex factors, that include emotions (futures market), future supplies of oil and inflation. The first, the futures market, is “fueled” by the latter two factors.

For the moment, let’s agree that future oil supplies are a major component of gasoline prices – this is common sense, is it not?

A sad irony of the Obama Administration is the Keynesian economic theory driving policies actually causes gasoline price inflation.

This current inflationary process has been given a range of names to sound reasonable to the American public: “stimulus package”, “TARP”, “bail-outs” and “quantitative easing”.

What does it look like? How can I recognize it?

Inflation of the money supply does not affect prices of goods and services uniformly. One commodity may skyrocket, while others show little change. Lacking a formal education in economics, I leave the technical analysis to the appropriate “bean counters”.

From a lifetime of experience as a former business manager and as a business owner of 25 years, I see a pattern. Commodity dealers recognize inflationary forces at work long before the rest of us. Consequently, we small business owners simply adjust our prices as commodity prices go up. In other words, the fuel and food futures markets are the first to know.

Your president says we can’t drill our way out of high gasoline prices. I say yes, we can. The petroleum industry agrees with me – else I agree with them. Either way, we agree.

Let’s consider recent facts: President Obama has done all he can to stifle, suppress American petroleum industries. Meanwhile, he gives billion$ to Brazil to develop their offshore oil business. Why would he do that? As Rush Limbaugh says, just follow the money. Obama’s mentor and financial supporter, George Soros, holds substantial stake in Brazil’s oil business.

President Obama nabbers about “a clean environment” and “green technologies”, but I have come to believe, strongly suspect, he is engaged in a colossal scheme to enrich Soros at the expense of the American people.

Obama has stolen trillions from you and he goes free. Bernie Madoff only stole $50 billion and he went to prison.

The next great awakening of America will dramatically and forever change the spiritual character of our people. Unfortunately, we only respond to crisis, but such is the nature of man.

For a good historical perspective read from the Bible 2 Chronicles 7:12-14.

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