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Every year in May, thousands of Law Enforcement Officers and supporters begin pedaling bicycles from New Jersey to the Law Enforcement Officers Memorial and Museum located in Washington D.C. (approximately 340 miles). This ride is to honor Law Enforcement Officers who have been killed in the line of duty.  This year, two Officers from Rockwall Police Department and a DPS Sergeant will be riding with several other Officers from surrounding areas in honor of those who have paid the ultimate sacrifice to protect us.

Officers Curtis Bennett, Ben Woodruff, and DPS Sergeant Morris will be serving hot pancakes and sausages for dinner next Wednesday May 2, 2012 from about 5:30 PM to 9:00 PM, yes it is a dinner.  We will be at the Rockwall Fire Station located at 920 Rockwall Parkway off Summer Lee.  We will also be serving orange juice and coffee.  Tickets for this event are $5.00 per person for all you can eat.  Follow our progress on blog site Our Police Unity Tour 2012

To help raise funds needed to maintain the Law Enforcement Officers Memorial and museum, we will be holding several fund raisers in the Rockwall area.  One of the constant fund raisers we are doing is to sell these challenge coins.  We had a company in Utah give them a unique design different than a typical challenge coin.  The sprocket design is to symbolize our drive and dedication to complete this ride and present the families of fallen brothers a token of our never ending appreciation for their sacrifice.
For all of us participating in this ride, both past, present and future, thank you in advance for your support.

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Thanks for your support!!!


Thomas H. Nalls Rockwall Fire Station No. 2
920 Rockwall Parkway
Rockwall, TX 75032

Bonds Supported by Special Interests – City of Rockwall Election

Follow The Money

For inquiring minds like me, here is a summary of contributions to the “Vote Yes For Rockwall” PAC (political action committee) funding all the big signs you see around Rockwall.

According to the “Specific-Purpose Committee Campaign Finance Report” filed with the City of Rockwall on April 17, 2012, total contributions are $3,480.95.

Contributions by individuals, $680.95, represent less than 20% of total contributions.

Contributions from two businesses account for just over 80% of all contributions, using the total shown on page 2 of SPAC form, but 74% by my tally of $3,780.95.

Corporate Sponsors

Baseball Academy of Rockwall (a Rockwall Business)


Firefly Screen Printing (a Royse City business)


Read the entire financial report via this link or link below


Signs paid for by two senior citizens who care very deeply about tax burdens on our younger fellow citizens and property owners.

From Debt to Regret – Why I Oppose Bond Propositions

When a friend and I talked yesterday at COSTCO, I related to him I don’t oppose the bond propositions on their respective merits, but on economic uncertainty.

Here’s an article published today titled: We Are in Age of ‘Late Great Depression’: Shiller.

Professor Robert Shiller publishes the Case-Shiller Index, a study of 20 major metropolitan areas for Standard and Poor’s. Across America, it is considered authoritative by Wall Street stock brokers, real estate investors and bankers.

Income and capital gains taxes dramatically increase January 1, 2013. If ObamaCare survives the Supreme Court, it will add 19 new taxes, including real estate sales taxes.

As I drive up and down our highways I see an unusual quantity of new car dealer tags – Americans are buying cars like crazy and Jerry Reynolds, The Car Guy, confirmed this fact on his Saturday broadcast.

So, how do I see a down economy when all these young people are able to buy new cars? It’s the same thing that has been propelling the stock markets: the Fed has been injecting capital into the banking system. The Federal Reserve is buying long-term bonds sold by the Treasury Department in order to drive down interest rates. The whole process of bond sales, prices and interest rates is very complex. The Fed is buying 61% of government debt, but this effort at propping up the U.S. economy is unsustainable. You can relate to tales of ‘check kiting’ that were going on years ago. Eventually, it catches up to you.

I published a blog this morning you may want to read. In it I discuss the real estate (aka ‘housing market’) from the perspective of real estate investors. The news is very good for investors like me; very bad for young people whose homes are mortgaged.

Informed Voters Oppose City of Rockwall Bond Propositions

I voted this morning (April 30). If you live in the City of Rockwall and registered to vote, please take a few moments to go by the Elections Office at 107 East Kaufman Street across from the Historic County Courthouse and vote to oppose all five bond propositions.

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Signs paid for by two senior citizens who care very deeply about tax burdens on our younger fellow citizens and property owners.

Informed Voters Oppose City of Rockwall Bond Propositions

Bond Election

Voters should not be willingly ignorant. An informed voter will make good choices.

I write solely to my fellow City of Rockwall registered voters.

Polls open today for early voting at the Elections Office for city and school district elections. There is a City of Rockwall bond election with five propositions. They’re all good propositions, unfortunately their passage at this time is, I believe, unwise. I will vote NO to all five propositions and I encourage my fellow taxpayers to do likewise.

Our ship of state is moving into unknown waters: looming dramatic tax increases in 2013, unknown outcome of ObamaCare case before the Supreme Court, spiraling inflation, decline of the US dollar and a faltering housing market. In simple terms: we face economic uncertainty.

Today, I write solely about the housing market and my information comes from solid industry sources.

Case-Shiller Index

Professor Shiller could be wrong. It’s just that historically, he has accurately predicted housing economics for quite some time. He’s good at what he does.

The S&P/Case-Shiller Home Price Indices are the leading measures for the US residential housing market, tracking changes in the value of residential real estate both nationally as well as in 20 metropolitan regions.

Statistically, the Dallas market (including Rockwall) hasn’t experienced as great declines as the other 19 metropolitan areas – at least not from the FIRST wave of mortgage foreclosures. First? Yes, first: real estate investors (folks who buy properties to rent out) expect a SECOND wave of foreclosures. Some market analysts say it began last year, some say this year.

A recent article couched the FIRST wave in terms of displaced children. 2.3 million children lost their homes to foreclosures and now pack apartment complexes. The writer predicts the NEXT wave will displace 3 million children. The Foreclosure Management Company (FMC) describes the next wave as ‘imminent’.

Professor Robert Shiller predicts no rebound of the housing market for an entire generation.

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Jerry Hogan: You Can’t Balance This Budget

Jerry Hogan - Rockwall County Judge-Elect
Rockwall County Judge Jerry Hogan

I recently saw an explanation, in the most simplistic form, of why our country continues to spiral deeper and deeper into debt.

In this Fiscal year, October 1, 2011-September 30, 2012, the budget proposed by President Obama totals $3.8 Trillion dollars. Our total forecasted revenue for this same period is $2.469 Trillion; a deficit between expenses and revenue of a little over $1.3 Trillion. This is bad enough, but unfortunately it gets much worse.

The budget is composed of three main components: Interest Payments for money we continue to borrow ($225 Billion yearly), Mandated Programs, called non-discretionary spending, (Social Security $773 Billion, Medicare $478 Billion, Medicaid $255 Billion, TARP $35 Billion, and other mandated programs of $711 Billion, for a total of $2.252 Trillion) and Federal Government, or discretionary spending, (Security $868 Billion and non security spending such as education, energy etc., $450 Billion, which totals to $1.319 Trillion).

Looking at these numbers, it is clear our budget cannot be balanced. Even if we eliminated ALL Security and ALL other government at the national level our revenue would still be exceeded by our expenses!

Our total national debt is now approaching $16 Trillion. Four years ago it was $10 Trillion. By the year 2021, it is projected to be $26 Trillion. Our debt today of $16 Trillion equates to 25% of the world’s Gross Domestic Product. Our debt totals more than 32 times the debt of Greece, and the world has already seen what happens when a country’s debt rating is reduced to the lowest level, social programs are dramatically cut, and bail out programs are required. Riots in the streets result and the world’s financial markets go into a spin.

Unfortunately our Congress, rather than addressing and fixing the problem, continue to push the issue down the road by raising the debt ceiling and refusing to address the cause and solutions.

There are no easy solutions. We have allowed our country to get into this financial deficit position by continuing to add program after program to our national list of “things that will help our citizens”, take action after action that will “better position us in the world to show what democracy is all about”, and continue in our endeavors of insuring “political correctness” in every action we take. Now, unfortunately, we are arriving at that position where actions must be taken or we face financial disaster.

Our credit rating, for the first time ever, was recently downgraded. Our budget projections continue to show significant deficit spending. No plans are forthcoming from the Congress or the current Administration. Rather than talking about Student Loan rates or why tax rates should be raised for the wealthy, where are the bold programs and plans to address this financial crisis? Where are the leaders who are willing to go to Washington to fix the problem rather than to talk about what they are going to do once they arrive? Where are the leaders who are willing to lead? Where are the representatives who are willing to put aside their plans for continued terms in the Congress or the Administration in return for telling the American people what the problem is and what we are going to have to do to fix the problem?

Frankly, the track record of someone doing this is not very good; in fact it is almost non-existent. What a shame.

How do you fix this problem? You have two choices; increase revenue or cut costs. To increase revenue you must 1. get a viable tax policy in place that makes business want to invest and 2. get the uncertainty out of what “Washington” is going to do. This will drive the economy which will result in market growth which will drive down unemployment which will drive revenue up by more taxes being paid, etc. If this does not happen, estimates of an increase in taxes of 50% will be needed to drive the revenue to where it will allow balancing of the budget.

Cutting costs will be very difficult as programs that have continued to be added to our roll of funded programs have a life of their own and refuse to go away. They usually do have a purpose and they usually do help some group of citizens, so getting rid of them or cutting back could introduce the same type resistance that we saw in Greece when some of their programs were cut. Bold and aggressive actions will be needed here. Fear of not getting reelected should not be the determining factor on programs proposed or voted upon.

We do not yet have this problem of spiraling debt and unbalanced budgets at the County level. Our debt rating continues to be AA; our debt service, primarily for new road construction, is not excessive, and our debt forecasts result in well programmed issuance of debt for programs voted upon by the citizens.

Our operating budget is a balanced budget. Personal costs are closely watched and controlled. New proposed programs are examined to insure both need and affordability before being introduced into the budget. And this is where extra vigilance is always needed. No proposal ever presented to the Commissioners Court is described based upon its non-need or non-applicability; according to the presenters, all programs have worth and merit and should be immediately adopted because of the good it creates.

My comment on these proposals is simple. If you can’t justify the program with off-setting cost savings, then the program is probably not really that good. Witness the mess our country is in with the introduction of all those “good” programs now locked into the non-discretionary spending side of our budget!

Jerry Hogan is the County Judge of Rockwall County Texas.

Should Ray LaHood Control Kissing? – Why Not?

Federal Control of Kissing – Why Not?

Honorable Ralph M. Hall
2405 Rayburn HOB
Washington, DC 20515-4304  

Subject: Secretary LaHood Seeks to Ban Cell Phone Use While Driving

Congressman Hall,

U.S. Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood called on Thursday for a federal law to ban talking on a cell phone or texting while driving any type of vehicle on any road in the country.

If Ray LaHood wants to take control of a so-called “national epidemic” of distracted driving, why should he not also take over parking meters and perhaps kissing?

Back on topic: Do we really have a problem with cell phone users? What are the facts?

Highway deaths peaked in 2002, recording more highway fatalities than any year since 1990. Last year, 2011, saw the lowest number of highway deaths since 1949.

According to a study of 13.8 million incidents by SmartDrive Systemsthat studied distractive behaviors of commercial drivers, all recorded on video,

Ray LaHood - Transportation Secretary

handheld cell phones contributed to only 13.4% of those incidents. The study identified nine common distractions, listed below according to significance:

  1. Object in hand – 44.5%
  2. Talking on a handheld mobile phone – 13.4%
  3. Beverages – 12.7%
  4. Food – 10.1%
  5. Smoking – 9.9%
  6. Operating a handheld device – 9.1%
  7. Talking/listening with hands-free mobile phone – 5.2%
  8. Manifest, map or navigation – 1.0%
  9. Grooming and/or personal hygiene – 0.6%

Similar research in Great Britain in a survey of 1,000 motorists indicated a range of distractions including:

  • Adjusting the car stereo – 76%
  • Drinking – 66%
  • Eating – 64%
  • Reading maps – 41%
  • Handling CD’s – 50%
  • Talking on cell phones – 42%
  • Reading books
  • Kissing
  • Applying makeup
  • Swatting insects
  • Shaving

Above percentages represent admission via voluntary responses.

It’s easy to see a driver clearly distracted by use of a hand-held cell phone. Less obvious are other distractions – it’s somewhat difficult to put a CD player up to your ear.

If Secretary LaHood’s proposal becomes a bill, I suggest you amend the bill to include all the above distractions – kissing, handling car stereos, swatting insects and eating-while-driving.

While you’re at it, let’s also outlaw pretty girls within eyesight of public thoroughfares and the presence of law enforcement vehicles – both can be

Hon. Ralph M. Hall
Hon. Ralph M. Hall - Chairman, House Science Committee

unimaginably distracting.

The last time the federal government took over highway law enforcement, Jimmy Carter’s Democrats gave us that worthless 55 MPH national speed limit that motivated millions of motorists to become radio operators almost overnight.

State legislatures do a much better job of writing traffic laws. And, just saying in passing, I don’t believe the states gave power to the federal government to regulate speed on American highways. For reference: The Tenth Amendment is on-line for review.

Thank you,

The Rockwall Conservative
Rockwall, Texas

PS – Let’s exclude a ban on kissing while driving (KWD). Do so could force young couples to park all over our highways and THAT could be dangerous.

RCYR Club: Activist Training 2012

5575 S State Highway 205, Rockwall, TX 75032



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In addition Alice is currently on the Advisory Board for a new series of e-books by Harper-Collins entitled “Voices of the Tea
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