Barack Obama – Record Setting President

Running on His Record

Essentially, gold and gasoline have doubled because the dollar has halved. Inflation under Obama is presently at 50% and few Americans recognize it. Even Congress shies away from use of the word. But, this is classic inflation due to “quantitative easing” – the fed pumping fiat currency into the economy by way of “buying” U.S. Treasury Bonds, a practice, if you or I do it, called “check kiting”.
What ever name you assign, Obama and the Democrats have placed us into an inflation spiral that affects not only our people, but every other nation on the face of the earth.

European Debt Crisis

Rumors of its demise are premature. The Greek crisis isn’t over. Greeks are rioting in the streets, intensely worried about how to pay bills and feed their families. Now, Spain is following suit.




Gas Prices




Unemployed Americans

12.05 million

12.81 million


Unemployment Rate




Total Jobs

133.6 million

132.7 million


Home Values




Worker Health Insurance Costs




College Tuition




Americans in Poverty

39.8 million

46.2 million

   6.4 million

Food Stamp Recipients

32 million

47 million


Misery Index




Federal Debt

$10.6 trillion

$15.6 trillion


Debt per person




U.S. Global Competitiveness



  4 places

Democrats under leadership of three guests to the Mad Hatter’s tea party (Obama, Reid and Pelosi) have led America to the edge of the abyss. Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke warned we face going over a “massive fiscal cliff” of tax increases and spending cuts due to kick in early 2013.
Let’s not forget the failure of the Democrat Senate Majority and the President to pass a balanced budget throughout Barack Obama’s three years in office. Our Republican House has provided  numerous budgets over his three years, but none get through the Senate. Why? A budget would LIMIT Obama’s spending and he can’t have any of that.
Congressman Paul Ryan (R-WI) lays out two visions on a recent interview on Face The Nation. Which do you want, an engorged federal bureaucracy or a decent future for your children?

Paul Ryan on CBS’ Face the Nation: We Have a Moral & Legal Obligation to Prevent America’s Debt Crisis

Paul Ryan on Fox News Sunday: The President’s Health Care Law Empowers 15 Bureaucrats. We Empower 50 Million Seniors.

It’s time for leadership to arise from our high schools, colleges and universities. I encourage young leaders to get out in front and take charge. You don’t need “permission” of the older people. Only you can shape your future, young Americans.
Left: Aaron Schock (R-Illinois), currently the youngest member of the House; right: Mike Lee (R-Utah), currently the youngest member of the Senate.
 Here in Rockwall County, we haveremarkable, intelligent and capable young leaders. They are high school seniors preparing to graduate from Rockwall High, Rockwall-Heath and Royse City High schools. Young professionals are making a place for these extraordinary high school seniors in the Rockwall County Young Republicans Club.
Connect with Rockwall County Young Republicans via Facebook. Click on the YR logo below to learn more.


The Rockwall County Young Republicans is an organization comprised of men and women who are 18 to 40 years of age and want to become more actively involved in local, state, and national politics. We are dedicated to upholding the values set forth by the U

1. To encourage involvement and galvanize the young adults within the GOP.

2. To support any and all candidates who promote and protect The Constitution and the platform of the Republican Party.

3. To prepare, educate, and encourage those in High School and College in all aspects of the Republican Party and civic involvement.

4. And above all to place into action the idea of self government and the responsibilities that it entails.

New YR Board for 2012

John Stacy - President
Wesley Wolf - Vice President
Erin Erwin - Treasurer
Katieann Fox-Veselka - Secretary

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