High Road on Low Down on Wisconsin Gov. Walker

Gov. Scott Walker, wife Tonette & sons Matt and Alex
A pastor's son who was active in church, school band, sports and achieved Eagle Scout.

The United States is different today than before the recession, facing new economic

Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker

and social challenges. To succeed in these trying times, Americans need effective local, state, and national leaders – something in increasingly short supply. There are many leadership qualities, but in our current circumstance, one of the most important is the ability to lead in an austere environment. There is only so much money and resources to go around, and difficult times mean difficult choices. With these realities, an effective leader must embody that wisdom so eloquently stated by Mick Jagger, “you can’t always get what you want.” It’s the guidance parents have to give to their children when they want something in the toy aisle.  It’s also the same guidance that families deal with in terms of their own budgets in these pretty lean times.

Despite desperate efforts by Big Labor, Gov. Walker has widespread support

Walker’s critics argue he is a polarizing figure, dividing the state and pitting one ideological group against another. The polarization, however, may be more perception than reality. When Walker announced the limits on collective bargaining and budget cuts, it sparked a wave of protests that garnered national as well as international attention. As part of that, union supporters and others flooded the state with money and manpower to fight Walker’s reforms. While the conflict was clear, did that prove a stark divide amongst Wisconsinites? Walker says union leaders throughout the state are happily his partners in economic recovery. In implementing structural reforms on how Wisconsin balances its budget, there are more funds available for infrastructure improvement and other investments, which puts people back to work. What is even more interesting is that at a recent American Enterprise Institute (AEI) event, titled “Are Wisconsin’s Budget Reforms a Model for Other States?”, Walker noted a significant jump in small business owner perceptions about Wisconsin’s economic trajectory.

Read full story from the U.S. Chamber of Commerce website:

Walker Leading Wisconsin – You Can’t Always Get What You Want

By Rich Cooper

Vice President of Research & Emerging Issues

Editorial Comment

Big Labor spends tens of millions of dollars demonizing the one man who has taken a stand to preserve Wisconsin for its posterity. An aging population and failing industries crippled by labor unions point to a dead end for the youth of that formerly great state.

Labor union leaders use every conceivable lie to discredit Walker’s efforts to place Wisconsin on sound financial footing.

If the voters elect to recall him, they will be sowing to the wind, reaping the whirlwind.

Rockwall Conservative
8 April 2012

One thought on “High Road on Low Down on Wisconsin Gov. Walker

  1. Walker has saved his state & had to fight the unions every step of the way! If Obama is re-elected this will happen all over America as more “non-productives” will be on union rolls & will only want the paycheck for “no work”! WAKE UP AMERICA

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