North Korea: China’s Muppet Show

18 April 2012

This morning, I read an article on foreign policy by Josh Rogin who writes, “China may be helping North Korea develop long range ballistic missiles that could reach the United States, and one Republican congressman wants the Obama administration to do something about it.”

China may be helping North Korea? This war that will never end, the Korean War, was from its genesis until this day a surrogate war between communist China and the U.S.A. and is a legacy of the communist ideology birthed in the Soviet Union.

Just to be clear on the point of the unending war, World War II was the last legal war fought by American military personnel. Truman didn’t want a declaration of war and called it a ‘police action’. For what it’s worth, including the Korean conflict, American blood has been sacrificed time and again in places like Vietnam, Grenada, Bosnia, Iraq and Afghanistan without formal declaration of war. Declared or no, we are at war with China and have been in a state of war since 1950.

One could make the case that the Vietnam War was an extension of the Korean War. The two conflicts differ in that China continues to threaten us through their North Korean hand puppets, a type of Muppet Show, as in “Muppets Take Korean Peninsula”. Above the line, we see North Korean ‘muppets’; under the line are the Chinese puppet masters we don’t see. Meanwhile, down in Vietnam, we have new allies who value our friendship and fear their bully neighbor to the north.

Under no circumstances will we ever enjoy peace and commerce with North Korea. Therefore, no degree of pandering will ever endear us to them.

I suggest we confront the puppet masters instead of talking with the ‘muppets’ in North Korea. Only when China realizes a direct threat of nuclear retaliation will Chinese communist leaders de-fang North Korea’s militarized monster.

For further information I suggest the following books and articles:

Krushchev Remembers

Mao Zedong

The Chinese Intervention

One thought on “North Korea: China’s Muppet Show

  1. it seems to me that China is already winning the war, not with guns and missiles but by taking away all of the USA’s manufacturing capability and destroying our economy. China is planning long term for our destruction.

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