Bonds Supported by Special Interests – City of Rockwall Election

Follow The Money

For inquiring minds like me, here is a summary of contributions to the “Vote Yes For Rockwall” PAC (political action committee) funding all the big signs you see around Rockwall.

According to the “Specific-Purpose Committee Campaign Finance Report” filed with the City of Rockwall on April 17, 2012, total contributions are $3,480.95.

Contributions by individuals, $680.95, represent less than 20% of total contributions.

Contributions from two businesses account for just over 80% of all contributions, using the total shown on page 2 of SPAC form, but 74% by my tally of $3,780.95.

Corporate Sponsors

Baseball Academy of Rockwall (a Rockwall Business)


Firefly Screen Printing (a Royse City business)


Read the entire financial report via this link or link below


Signs paid for by two senior citizens who care very deeply about tax burdens on our younger fellow citizens and property owners.

One thought on “Bonds Supported by Special Interests – City of Rockwall Election

  1. Fair-minded people have to ask themselves these questions. Are these all “must have’s” or “nice to have’s”? How much debt do we already have? Can we afford it with today’s economy? Can we anticipate any future “must have” expenses? What detriment will there be to people if it does/doesn’t pass?

    I’ve lived in Rockwall all but the first 2 years of my life. During that time, Rockwall has experienced tremendous growth for several good reasons. Low taxes, good schools, low crime, and close proximity to Dallas jobs. Let’s keep it this way and build growth sustaining infrastructure that are necessities for the city. Let’s spend the tax payers money wisely. There are tons of folks living in Rockwall that are unemployed/under-employed and are trying their best to make ends meet. With the rising costs of health care, federal taxes, gas prices, food prices, etc., is now a smart time to increase taxes up to 35% more? If this was to fund true necessities like a real full-time Fire Department, I’d be on board in a second. We don’t need a +25 Million dollar mini-Jerry’s World in Rockwall. This town already has a crazy amount of opportunity for young kids. (LP Sports, YMCA, RISE, ASI, Rockwall Swim Academy, and on and on.)

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