A Vote for Bill Whitehill Is Good Judgement

Bill Whitehill

When Texas voters go to the polls, they most often know little, if anything at all, about judiciary candidates. Electing judges is one of the most important duties we have. And, it’s important to know the role of each office as well as the candidates vying for those judiciary offices.

I draw your attention to the Fifth Court of Appeals. This court rules on the application of law, not guilt or innocence, and it has jurisdiction over criminal and civil appeals. The Rule of Law is at the heart of republicanism.

Five imminently qualified candidates vie for Place 2. I wish all of them could take a seat on this court, but only one will come out of the primary election.

I will voted early and I will vote for Bill Whitehill. Bill impressed me with his diligence and hard work to gain the people’s confidence. I encourage you to vote for Bill Whitehill, Justice, 5th Court of Appeals District, Place 2.

Learn more about Bill at his website WHITEHILL FOR JUSTICE.

John White
Rockwall County TEA Party Organizer

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