Rockwall Voters Said Yes to Common Sense, No to Extraordinary Debt

The people have resoundingly spoken by voting overwhelmingly against a $29,000,000 ball park.

One of its chief proponents (seen on the Vote Yes PAC page) says the perceived shortage of ball fields is a “tragedy”.

Just to clear the air, defines ‘tragedy’.

▶noun (pl. tragedies)
1 an event causing great suffering, destruction, and distress.

The gentleman’s statement would make more sense with another word: ‘inconvenience’.

inconvenience /ɪnkənˈviːnɪəns/
the state or fact of being slightly troublesome or difficult.

We actually have ball fields most of our residents know nothing about. Do you know?

Harry Myers Park has two fields.

Leon Tuttle Athletic Complex has six fields.

There are three more at Yellow Jacket Field.

AND, there are practice fields behind Hobby Lobby where I have attended my granddaughter’s softball games.

True, existing ball fields may not be as glitzy as those proposed to be funded by a $29,000,000 bond, but herein lies opportunity.

Perhaps parents of ball players will think about becoming volunteers to tidy up and improve existing ball fields. Volunteers instead of millions of dollars to hire professionals? Yes.

To volunteer your service to Rockwall Parks and Recreation, open link below.

City of Rockwall Parks and Recreation Department provides ample opportunities for residents of our city to add value to all our facilities.



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