FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE                                                                          
May 16, 2012
Press Contact: Adrienne Rimmer


WASHINGTON, DC . . .  Rep. Ralph Hall (TX-04) was again honored by the American Conservative Union, receiving their American Conservative Union Ratings Award for 2011.

“I am honored to receive the American Conservative Union’s award, and am proud to hold the second highest rating in Texas with a score of 95.83%,” Hall stated. “My constituents of the 4th District of Texas believe in reining in out-of-control federal spending and balancing America’s budget. I have always said I would rather be respected at home than liked in Washington, and I consistently vote my district, even when that vote goes against Republican Leadership. I will continue to fight to make the voice of 4th District constituents heard in Washington and vote to uphold conservative values.”

The following are Key Votes highlighted by the ACU in which Rep. Hall supported a conservative vote:

 Legal Services Corporation. HR 1 (Roll Call 54)

National Endowment for the Arts. HR 1 (Roll Call 68)

Planned Parenthood. HR 1 (Roll Call 93)

Firearm reporting requirements. HR 1 (Roll Call 115)

Project Labor Agreements. HR 1 (Roll Call 126)

Federal Pay Freeze.  HR 1 (Roll Call 133)

Davis-Bacon Wage Rate Requirements. HR 1

(Roll Call 144)

D.C. School Voucher Program.  HR 471 (Roll Call 204)

Union Elections.  HR 658 (Roll Call 217)

Net Neutrality.  HJ Res 37 (Roll Call 252)

Conservative Budget. H Con Res 34 (Roll Call 275)

Medical Training for Abortions.  HR 1216 

(Roll Call 338)

Terrorist Trials. HR 1540 (Roll Call 357)

Insourcing. HR 2917 (Roll Call 390)

Foreign Agricultural Service.   HR 2112 (Roll Call 432)

Defense of Marriage Act.  HR 2219 (Roll Call 516)

Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell. HR 2219 (Roll Call 528)

Light Bulb Ban Repeal HR 2417 (Roll Call 563)

Vehicle Subsidies.  HR 2354 (Roll Call 580)

Spending increase.  HR 2354 (Roll Call 586)

Cut, Cap and Balance. HR 2560 (Roll Call 606)

Endangered Species Act.   HR 2584 (Roll Call 652)

Debt Limit Increase.  S 365. (Roll Call 690)


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