Peasants Decry 9th Circuit Lavish “Retreat” – Judges Rule: Let Them Eat Cake

Liberal Ninth Enjoys Life Obama-Style

Room With a View

Lavish and numerous Obama vacations became prototypes for bureaucrats as the GSA enjoyed their wild “retreat” to Las Vegas and now we learn the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals (arguably the most liberal of them all) ignores public opinion and the state of our economy to enjoy an extravagant “retreat” on Maui.

Here’s the plan: Judges, lawyers and staff get together at the Hyatt Regency Maui, August 13th to 16th this summer and it’s only going to cost us $1,000,000.

Dining Under the Stars

Judges, lawyers and a bureaucratic cadre of fellow civil servants sway to tropical music while dining at luau’s, exchange volleys over tennis nets and take in golf a la Caddy Shack, according to

So, you ask, how much is this costing us? How about travel expenses ($657,000 in 2010), salaries for 267 judges (a minimum of $700,000) and, according to, each judge was eligible for a $391/day stipend to cover hotel and meals. That stipend could amount to as much as $417,588 over the four days of

What Happens in Maui…

the “conference”.

Are all District Courts following suit? No, all the others seem sensitive to our national plight and elected shorter, far less costly venues.

Action Item

Contact your respective U.S. Senators and your Congressional Representative. I suggest you ask them to rein in the budget on these spendthrift liberal judges.

Find your Senators

Find your U.S. Representative

Tell both Senators and your U.S. Representative we want smaller government, common sense spending and an investigation of the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals’ spending habits.

Unsustainable and Growing by the Second

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