We Need Representation for Rockwall – Vote for Jim Pruitt

Jim Pruitt
Texas House District 33
Rockwall and Collin Counties

Job Opening: Opportunists Need Not Apply

A hitherto unfamiliar spirit seems to captivate Texas voters this election season: clamor for “Christian conservatives”. No doubt about it, I want to elect Christians who are also conservative. How do I know a candidate is genuinely either conservative or Christian and not an “opportunist”?

Characteristics of Opportunists

  • Non-native to your area
  • No track record of service to your community
  • No evidence of past service to support their claims to conservative governmental leadership

Nothing I write serves to disparage Jim Pruitt’s opponent. I personally like him, but he has no history of service to our community or through our Rockwall County Republican Party clubs.

Biblical Rule for Selecting Representatives

There are several instances where the Bible instructs us on the proper way to select elected representatives. Here are four.

  • Acts 6:3 “…choose seven men from among you…”
  • Deuteronomy 17:15 “He must be from among your fellow…”
  • Acts 15:22 “They chose…men who were leaders among the believers”
  • Joshua 4:2 “Choose twelve men from among the people…”
  • 1 Thessalonians 5:12 “…acknowledge those who work hard among you, who care for you…”

Is not the Biblical model for selecting representatives and leaders obvious? Do you see what I see? I think you do: we ought to know them. So, how do you get to know them? If they live and work among you, they have a “track record”.

Track Record

Two Republican candidates vie for the new Texas House District 33, but only one lives among us and has a verifiable track record: Jim Pruitt.

I voted early and I voted for Jim who shares my Christian conservative values. He doesn’t wear his Christianity on his shirt sleeves; he lives it. I know him, I know his family and I know I can count on Jim to responsibly and effectively represent Rockwall County interests.

On May 29, I invite you and I encourage you to vote for a proven man who lives among us.

Today, May 25 is the last day for early voting. Election Day is May 29.

I encourage you to vote. Take a neighbor with you and please share this message among your friends.


John White

One thought on “We Need Representation for Rockwall – Vote for Jim Pruitt

  1. Jim Pruitt is the qualified candidate for Diatrict 33. He knows the issues & he will represent the district well! His opponant has not lived in the district but a year, ran for congress in California, & touts no community involvement for Rockwall. He is a nice man, but has “not a clue” of the issues. His election would give Collin County five (5) reps in the upcoming legislature!…not exctly “fair” in my books! Someone, somewhere, is spending a lot of money to elect this guy with a “flood” of mailers & “roto-dials” touting his election! Rockwall should not be “bought”, nor should their votes go to help an “out-of-balance” representation for Collin County!! Rockwall’s time has come for its own representative.

    Jim Pruitt needs to be ‘our guy” in Austin! Vote for Jim as your representative in Austin!

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