Individual Mandate Ruling – Your Supreme Court Has Betrayed You!

Chief Justice Roberts sides with the left.

The entire Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act stands. Justice Roberts, writing for the majority, rules that Barack Hussein Obama’s signature legislation survives as written.


ObamaCare did not pass with an overwhelming majority of Congress, but by a slim margin. ALL Republicans voted AGAINST and a large number of Democrats joined them.

All along, the Deceiver-in-Chief publicly stated the individual mandate was NOT A TAX, but his attorneys argued before the Supreme Court that it IS a tax, therefore lawful.

Economics 101

By requiring our citizens to purchase insurance they neither want nor need (most people never need medical insurance), market forces will naturally elevate insurance costs. Oxymoronic, is it not?

Action Required

Y0u who recognize how devastating ObamaCare taxes will be to our nation have now, more than ever, a mandate to register to vote and to vote. Moreover, you must get your neighbors to vote.

Now, you have every reason to work your butts off to get Mitt Romney elected and help get elected more Republicans to the House and Senate.

Personal to Chief Justice Roberts: You are a great disappointment, sir, and your name will go down in infamy along with former Chief Justice Warren Burger and Justice Harry Blackmun under whose watch Roe v. Wade let loose a floodgate of slaughter of over 50,000,000 innocent American children.

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