Hole in the Fire! – Setting the Record Straight for Rockwall VFD

Reference: Rockwall County Herald Banner

Friday, July 27, 2012

Article: Rockwall Fire Department able to respond despite lack of paid fighters

After former Austin Fire Department Captain Mike Allbritant move to our extraordinary city, he appointed himself “Chief Inspector”. It was in this independent role Mr. Allbritant “investigated” our quasi-volunteer fire department. And what was his conclusion? We are all in danger!

Before you get your dander up, let’s consider the source: a career fireman moves from the People’s Republic of Austin, a highly dysfunctional city, to Rockwall, a highly functional city, and sets out to refashion our equally highly successful fire department after the Austin model.

Well, let’s compare the two fire departments, using 2011 statistics.

Source: http://www.tdi.texas.gov/reports/fire/documents/fmtexfirs2010.pdf



Structure Fires













Population numbers from U.S. Census Bureau for end of 2010, going into 2011. 

A little quick math and we see the two cities come close in structure fires per capita. But, there the similarities end.

You will note that 3 Austin residents perished in structure fires, but zero, none, nada in Rockwall.

Next, we see that 56 persons suffered injuries from structure fires in Austin, but, once again, zero, none, nada in Rockwall.

Mr. Allbritant, we welcome folks to live with us in Rockwall. We believe we have just about the best of what Texas has to offer. We readily accept newcomers form Austin and California, but we ask you to leave your liberal, progressive ideas behind and learn how we are able without all that stuff you are accustomed to.

When it comes to modeling city government, I suggest Texans look to Rockwall, first.

I personally salute our Rockwall Fire Chief Mark Poindexter who

Fire Chief Mark Poindexter
City of Rockwall

leads and manages an excellent quasi-volunteer fire department while keeping taxes low. Thanks, Mark, for a job well done.

One thought on “Hole in the Fire! – Setting the Record Straight for Rockwall VFD

  1. The writer is speaking nothing but FACT! Having lived here for 35 years, knowing the performance of the Rockwall VFD & being a past member of the city council, I can attest to the fact that we have always been well protected as to fire or other disasters!

    The tax issue always comes up when someone who does not know Rockwall demographics decides we need a fully paid fire department! The gentleman from Austin is one of those people who has not yet had an opportunity to witness the excellent performance of this unique service! They are nothing but professional & the response time has been better than those paid departments in surrounding cities!

    We need to tip our hats to these guys who carry on the legacy of Bennie Gracy…our chief who gave his life many years ago rescuing FLOOD VICTIMS …& have spent many hours helping Rockwall become the city it is today through their volunteer service!

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