Obama’s ‘Strategic’ Purpose to Raid SPR: Personal Political Gain


Again, the Obama White House hints at releasing oil from our Strategic Petroleum Reserves. Let’s consider what strategic plan this would serve.

Congress created the SPR in 1975 to forestall future disruptions of oil supplies from our not-so-

friendly resources that cut us off during the 1973-74 Arab oil embargo. Overnight “service stations” ceased to exist as “self-service stations” came into being, along with long lines and rationing – I remember it well.

Back to the ‘strategic’ purpose of the SPR: it was created for a time when America may once again be the target of Islamist nations bent on destruction of Israel and her allies.

Mr. President: The SPR was not created to serve your political stratagem.

At best, the SPR holds only enough oil to supply about 39 days, at a MAXIMUM release rate of 4.4 million bbls/day.

Obama’s selfish use of SPR oil imperils America and it imperils Israel.

We must remove this Muslim menace from the White House, along with his complicit Congressmen, and restore the rule of law to our land.

Are you registered to vote? Do you talk with your neighbors and co-workers about preserving America?

I believe present circumstances are by no means simple coincidences, just chance happenings. Present circumstances are forerunners of the next great awakening. You say you don’t believe? Hide and watch: it’s coming our way. Learn more about it from Dutch Sheets.

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