Dossier: Maxine Waters

22 September 2012

Amazing But True – A Genuine Socialist Idiot Sits in the House

Rep. Maxine Waters
California Democrat
35th District

Case history no. 1 – Corruption in the House

Hot Air article: Waters to be cleared in ethics probe (sort of)

Case history no. 2 – Maxine threatens to take over all American petroleum businesses

Case history no. 3 – Maxine decries “a new kind of spirit that came into the Congress and they kinda’ call themselves TEA Party…”

Case history no. 4 – 19 February 2012, Maxine pandering to Islamic Society of Orange County -She boasts “growing support for Sharia law at all levels [of the government]”

Case history no. 4 1 April 2010 Maxine decries TEA Party patriots in DC “the shouting, the overrunning of the capitol, the sneaking in of TEA Party participants into the basement, the spitting, name-calling, all of that…is outrageous” 

What she says is untrue, but said behavior is okay for Code Pink and other leftist groups, she says.

Summary Charge for Patriotic Americans

We must make our voices heard resoundingly at the polls come November 6, 2012. As I wrote in a previous article, nay-sayers once again throw out that cliche that cost us dearly in 2008: “voting for the lesser of two evils”. Let’s set the record straight: leadership we now have in place is evil; Mitt Romney is a good and decent man. You may not like his religion, but he is not evil. Obama, on the other hand, has proven himself evil.

Latinos were heavily in favor of Obama until Univision aired an interview with Mitt Romney the 21st of this month. [Romney Edges Obama In Univision Viewers]

Let’s get out the vote, put up signs, talk with people – If we allow Obama to remain in office, America is doomed to the ash heap of failed nations, never to rise again.

Vote as though your life depends on it – It does!

3 thoughts on “Dossier: Maxine Waters

  1. Ms. Waters is an insult to Democracy! She makes no sense in any of her tirades! Why any American would vote for her is beyond me!

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