ET Want Obama Phone – Obama say “ET Call Home Free”

There was much ado about a viral video of a woman near Cleveland, Ohio protesting against Mitt Romney. What does she like about Obama?

Everybody in Cleveland that’s minority got Obama phone…

By the way, she was just one of many paid ($11/hour) by the SEIU to protest Mitt Romney. Hear this paid Obama supporter in video below (45 sec).

Like the woman says, you can get one too if you’re on food stamps, living on social security, “you got no income”, and so on. Here’s a link where you sign up for your free Obama phone.

Free cell phones and free talk time are actually only a tiny piece of the government debt ‘pie’. However, when you add up all the pieces, we find it to be a very big ‘pie’.

Just how big is national debt? Below is a chart I update from time to time using seconds of time to represent dollars of debt. One second equals one dollar of debt.


A Democrat Senate that has steadfastly refused to pass a budget leaves us in great peril of the next Great Depression. No budget means no accountability.

Let’s elect Republican lawmakers and a Republican President to reign in out of control spending that threatens our economic well being and weakens our national defense.

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