Obama Capitol Police Arrest Christians for Praying in Front of White House

Imagine being arrested by Capitol Police for praying in front of the White House. It happened this weekend. For what infraction of law were they arrested? Well, Capitol Police say the public sidewalk along the front of the White House is a “restricted zone” for free speech.

Acts 5:29 Pro-life Team Arrested for Praying in a “Free Speech Restricted Zone”

Looking back in history, it was President Thomas Jefferson who instituted prayer and worship services in the U.S. capitol. On Sundays, the Capitol became church for presidents Jefferson and Madison. What would they say about what happened this weekend?

Four years ago communist Chinese police arrested Brandi Swindell ,  National Director of Generation Life, on Tiananmen Square for holding up a banner that said, ‘Jesus Christ is King’. Said Swindell, “I never imagined that just four years later I’d be standing in front of the White House risking the very same thing.”
As you can see for yourself, it’s okay for Muslims to pray in front of the White House, therefore the prohibition applies only to Christians.

Fellow Texans, fellow Americans, and those who work through the citizenship process, this country was founded on “first freedoms” as expressed in the Declaration of Independence and the First Amendment.

Barack Hussein Obama will do all he can to obliterate Christianity in this country. It’s time for us to say enough is enough. Let’s not allow our hard-won freedoms to disappear without a whimper.

Few days remain before the next election that marks the tipping point for our great country. Will we willingly surrender to the tyranny of a totalitarian government? I for one will not. Join me on November 6 to vote straight Republican ticket, something I have never done before.

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