2012 Elections in Rockwall County – My Recommendations Precinct-2

You may have already decided to vote straight Republican ticket and all that takes is one simple mark on “Republican” in the first box you see.

However, if like me you prefer to mark individual candiates, I provide for you my recommendations for Precinct-2.

You may lawfully carry with you and use a voter guide into either the Elections Office on the north side of the square.

Your ballot has TWO sides to fill out and both are important.

Rockwall County Precinct-2
front of the ballot
Rockwall County Precinct-2
back of the ballot

3 thoughts on “2012 Elections in Rockwall County – My Recommendations Precinct-2

  1. I am curious as to why you recommend Tom Oxford for Supreme Court Justice, Place 4, for Precincts 1, 2, and 4 and here in Precinct 3 you recommend the Republican. And, what are your reasons for supporting the Libertarian for Supreme Court over the Republican Candidate?

    I don’t disagree with your other recommendations, however, there is one person for whom I refuse to vote … simply because the campaign he ran was based on falsehoods.


    1. Bob,

      John Divine set himself up as the “divine candidate”. Instead of standing for the rule of law and on his own merits, he brutally and slanderously attacked Justice David Medina.

      Divine complained that about a third of all jury tried cases are overturned by the Supreme Court. This is true, because they were overturned because those trials were found not to have followed the law.

      Divine is a trial lawyer – read that “someone who makes his fortune destroying businesses”. He has always been closely associated with Democrats and represents those trial lawyers our conservative legislature opposes through tort reform.

      On one occasion here in Rockwall, I was able to have Justice David Medina present to refute John Divine’s lies to his face.

      Divine clearly stated he would rule according to his “conscience” and not follow the law. This was heard by several Rockwall County conservative leaders to whom I can refer you. They heard and saw what I heard and saw.

      Here’s a link to my blog about the encounter motioned above:


      Thanks for your great question, Bob.


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