Open Letter to all Hispanics from a native-born Hispanic

I am Cuban-Born Hispanic who is well aware of Obama’s harmful socialist agenda and its far-reaching destructive consequences to America’s future from a moral, religious, economic, and military standpoint as well as to the very survival of America as a free nation, a shining beacon of liberty and opportunity to the entire world.

Obama has blatantly disregarded our religious beliefs and sensibilities by forcing the Catholic Church to provide insurance that would cover the use of contraceptives and other pro- abortion measures (murder of innocent unborn babies) that go radically against our beliefs, morals, and religious beliefs and those of the Catholic Church.

This president has forcefully supported the homosexual agenda by publicly proclaiming that he whole-heartily supported homosexual marriage, an abomination before the eyes of The Lord, according to our Holy Scriptures. Remember what happened to Sodom and Gomorrah where homosexual depravity ran rampant and were,as a punishment, utterly destroyed by the angels of The Lord with fire and brimstone, no one within those cities survived.

Our children and grandchildren in the Public Schools are being programmed by the homosexual blueprint to accept, celebrate, and consider being homosexual themselves. Case in point, in California teachers are forbidden to address school children as boys or girls (that would be discriminatory), just students, also they may not address parents as father or mother (that would be discriminatory as well), just partners or parents. Beware, as California goes, so goes the nation, unless we stop it.

We, Hispanics, came to this nation seeking the American Dream, if Obama is reelected, there will be no America left for our children and grandchildren; It will be a nation totally destroyed morally, economically, and spiritually. Obama’s dream of a Marxist paradise would be realized.

Current unemployment: 23.1 million

National debt: 16 trillion and rising Americans in poverty: 46.2 million

Family income: Down $4, 908

2 thoughts on “Open Letter to all Hispanics from a native-born Hispanic

  1. Dear Sir,

    Having visited Cuba twice and having lived in Miami for three years, I think I know something about Cuban-born voters and the Cuban diaspora in the U.S.

    Sadly, your open letter to Hispanics reflects,almost perfectly, what your segment of the Hispanic population (one that is getting smaller and smaller) believes, and not what the overwhelming majority of U.S. Hispanics believe.

    Indeed, your views aren’t even shared by second and third generation Cuban Americans. Their appeal, among Hispanics, is geographically limited to Southern Florida.

    That is why the only place where Hispanics will support these these views, are places like Miami and surrounding counties. The strength of these views is still such (and it shouldn’t surprise us. Cuban Americans deeply influenced the Nixon Administration and have essentially molded U.S. immigration policy to suit them, and have dictated to America the policy it should have towards Cuba) that they can elect a senator, but beyond that, as Cuban-born Americans from the 50s and 60s shrink in size, so will the strength of these extreme views.

    It shouldn’t surprise you that even your children and grand children don’t hold to these views, but that the recent generations that are now regularly arriving from Cuba under the Bilateral immigration agreements hold to these.

    A foreign policy framed under the world view of the Cold War and a domestic policy that is molded by hard-right Catholicism, does not appeal to the vast majority of Hispanics, it alienates them.

    Sincerely yours,

    Gustavo Bujanda
    The Colony, Texas

    1. Thank you for your comment, Gustavo. In fact, the fastest growing Christian population in Cuba is AG (Assemblies of God), Next in line are the Baptists. The writer was born there and I have been there a few more than the two times you mention. You should know Florida isn’t quite the sole Cuban neighborhood in North America. In fact, they live next door to me in Rowlett, up in Minnesota, Arizona, California, Nevada and just a bunch of other places, as well. Cuban catholicism is substantially different from what you know, but we’ll save that discussion for another time. Is it true Cuban-Americans influence government policy? Yes, they do and they do it from the inside out. They participate instead of standing on the sidelines complaining, as you do.

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