American Youth Plead for You to Vote on Principles

I get some of the darnedest comments on my political Facebook page TEA Party Rockwall. Here and now, in this century, with all the communications faculties at our disposal, there is a sea of ignorance washing over our nation.

There are people who now eschew (that means they don’t want) liberty, the rule of law, the pursuit of happiness, freedom, the right to life and rights to freedom of expression, religion and self-defense. Not all the ignornce is the purview of one party, unfortuantely, ignorance of our history and ignorance of the principles upon which this country is found in all 50 states (yes, Mr. Obama, 50 is the correct number) and right here in little old Rockwall County.

To the most casual observer, it appears we are doomed. We’re not. Want some good news? I thought you might.

High School students have formed an organization called with a presence on the internet and on Facebook as IM2MORO.  May I introduce you to some outstanding high school students.

Our young people are intelligent, thoughtful and unable to vote. They depend on YOU to make good choices for them.

We are that generation

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