MIA 38 Years – Welcome Home, Dan Miller

Maj. Curtis "Dan" Miller, Palacios High School Graduate
Major Curtis Dan Miller, USAF
June 07, 1946 – March 29, 1972

38 years. Susan Miller waited 38 years for her husband, Major Curtis Daniel Miller of Palacios, Texas, my hometown.

Daughter Christy clutches the flag that draped her father’s coffin.

Dan’s AC-130 was shot down over Laos March 29, 1972. For 38 years the Department of Defense listed him “Missing In Action” (MIA). His wife gave birth to the daughter who never knew him and she waited for her MIA to be found.

We buried Dan Miller in Dallas/Fort Worth National Cemetery March 29, 2010. My wife and I were in attendance and memories of his daughter Christy clutching the flag that draped his coffin remain fresh with me today.

Today, November 11, 2012, we in Rockwall County honor our veterans who gave their all for freedom.

We invite you to view our Rockwall County Veterans Memorial on this Veterans Day.

Rockwall County Veterans Memorial rests alongside the County Courthouse on I-30.

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