The Premise That Is A Lie – Legalizing Marijuana

Hot Topic – Marijuana Legalization

Where I was born and raised, Palacios, Texas, “Mary Jane” (marijuana) use was

Harmless drug?
Harmless drug?

somewhat limited to musicians like Janis Joplin, strippers like Candy Barr and patrons of cantinas.

I don’t dismiss the possibility one of my Palacios ISD classmates used the stuff, but I never actually knew anyone who did. For the record: no, unlike my president, I have never used marijuana.

Hemp smoking became legal, at least by state standards, in several states. Federal challenges will probably wait for another president to come to office.

The Premise

The premise for legalizing marijuana: “It’s way lots safer than a lot of things, like alcohol.” or “It doesn’t harm anyone.” “Legalizing marijuana will free up prison space.”

What is the truth?

Steven Crowder took to the streets of Ann Arbor, Michigan to sample opinions of high school students and adults on the street. His video below incorporates credible, scientific testimony. Please take 8 minutes, 50 seconds to view it and leave your comments.

More Information

For more information, read The DEA Position on Marijuana. Click on the link below to download this official report in PDF format.

The DEA Position on Marijuana - U.S. Department of Justice
The DEA Position on Marijuana – U.S. Department of Justice

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