Boehner Caves to Obama – Joins With Dems and RINO’s

Special thanks to Congressman Ralph M. Hall (Texas, CD-4) for opposing

Hon. Ralph M. Hall
Hon. Ralph M. Hall My Friend, True Conservative

John Boehner’s grand giveaway last night. This did not have to happen, but Boehner was hell-bent to kiss up to Barack Obama, his beer-bong and golfing

Click on the image below for the full roll call vote on HR8.

Click on the above to learn how your representative voted
Click on the above to learn how your representative voted

Taxes schmaxes – the issue of taxes was important, but permission to add $4,000,000,000,000,000 ($4 trillion) to the ‘debt ceiling’ will leave us over $20 trillion in the hole over the next four years – IF NOTHING CHANGES. So, what could change? Obama will come back for more – remember my words and don’t doubt me.

Back in 2008, Sentator Barack Obama declared that adding $4 trillion was UNPATRIOTIC. This he said against then President George Bush and I agreed it was irresponsible. Doubt me? Here the man in his own words.

So, what has Obama done? He added that UNPATRIOTIC amount of national debt over his first four years in office and now has permission to add another UNPATRIOTIC $4 trillion atop the pile.

How many of you speak Greek? I suggest you call RosettaStone and sign up. Google news stories about “Greek debt crisis” to get a preview of our future.


You ObamaVoters got what you wanted, but you’re not going to want what you’ll get.

Personal to Congressman Ralph Hall

Thanks for standing firm with conservative Texas voters in congressional district 4 (TX CD-4).

What do I want? A conservative Speaker of the House!

I demand a new speaker who will uphold the Republican Platform.

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