Rockwall Sheriff Harold Eavenson Featured Speaker CARGO Rockwall

CARGO Rockwall

Citizens Association for Responsible Gun Ownership

Rockwall County Sheriff Harold Eavenson will be featured speaker at the CARGO Rockwall February meeting when he will report on the unified position of the NATIONAL SHERIFFS ASSOCIATION (NSA), Sheriff Eavenson serves as Treasurer for this important national organization.

Sheriff Eavenson attends the NSA 2013 Winter Conference in Washington, D.C. Janurary 28 through February 2. He readily accepted an invition to report to CARGO Rockwall membership on the unified position of the NSA with respect to unconstitutional executive orders and laws pushed by the left.

Rockwall County SheriffHarold Eavenson
Rockwall County Sheriff
Harold Eavenson

Prior to being elected Sheriff at Rockwall County Texas and being sworn in on January 1, 2001, Mr. Eavenson managed his own consulting firm / investigative company for five years. Previous to forming Harold Eavenson & Associates in 1995, he spent 16 years in the financial industry, eight as Director of Security of one of the largest banks in Texas. As Director of Security of InterFirst Bank Dallas (formerly First National Bank in Dallas) he was responsible for the security program and managed / coordinated the bank’s executive protection program. His department was also responsible for all internal investigations.

Meeting Place

Where:   Soulmans’ BBQ – 691 E Interstate Highway 30, Rockwall, Texas 75087soulmans-rockwall

Date:       February 14, 2013

Time:       6 to 7 PM

We’ll be meeting in the large private meeting room of Soulman’s Bar-B-Que. Restaurant management reasonably requires everyone to purchase food and/or beverages of your choice as a condition for free use of this meeting room.

Please arrive before 6 to get your food and to seat yourself. Meeting will begin promptly at 6 and end promptly at 7. Our meetings welcome all family members, including children.

This will be our first meeting and, according to the needs of our members, time and duration will be adjusted to best meet the needs of all.

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Want a reason to join with us? Here’s a this morning’s headline from the Drudge Report.

feinstein-weapons-ban-targets-handguns-rifles-drudge-report 1-24-13


Open press conferences with prayer

‘I believe the gun lobby is no match fo the cross lobby’


‘Purpose Is to Dry Up the Supply of These Weapons Over Time’…

Feinstein got special permission to display guns in DC

NRA boycott kills nation’s largest outdoors show…

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