Godfather Obama – A License to Kill Without Due Process

Ratified 1791 – Trampled 2013

You know Obama’s decision to kill U.S. citizens abroad without due process has already happened. When asked on public TV if Obama has the right to kill citizens on our native soil, FBI Director Robert Mueller replies, “I have to go back. I, uh, I’m not certain whether that was addressed or not.”

Judge Andrew Napolitano says, “It’s not a question we should have to ask. That’s not a question [to which] he should not evade an answer. I think he probably knows that the answer is ‘no’, but he doesn’t want to frustrate his bosses who articulated just two days earlier that the answer is ‘yes’….the Attorney General of the United States manifested extraordinary ignorance of the Constitution of the United States and suggested the President of the United States can kill anybody he wants outside the United States if that person is dangerous, if that person has committed crimes and it’s impractical to arrest that person, not in the opinion of a jury, but in the opinion of the President and some secret advisers. The Constitution says to the contrary. The Constitution says that if the government wants your life, your liberty or your property, it has to articulate to a jury what law you have violated and prove its case beyond a reasonable doubt to that jury. It’s called due process. Without due process, the government can take anything it wanted and kill anybody it wanted.”

As the Judge says, FBI Director Robert Mueller will do whatever his bosses say to keep his job. Herein is the problem of impersonal, big government.

Hear and view the entire 4-minute discussion led by Shepard Smith on 25 January 2013.

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