Ethanol Gumming Up Texas Economy

Practically all engines, reagardless size or application, that use a spark plug to initiate internal e15 gasolinecombustion run best  and most efficiently on real gasoline, that which is distilled from ‘Texas Tea’, ‘black gold’, just your ordinary oil out of the ground.

So, why do we have mandatory mixture of gasoline and ethanol? Actually, this requirement didn’t sprout from the minds of green-thinking bureaucrats, it’s the consequence of agricultural lobbyiing. That’s right, farmers who grow corn. Well, how is this working out for us?

Gasoline and ethanol don’t mix very well, but so long as there is 10% ethanol or less in the gas you buy at the pump, you are probably okay. “It’s good for the environment,” you say. The hell you say!

Alcohol separates after some time. It gums up fuel systems, particularly our older cars that weren’t engineered to tolerate it. My old 2001 Crown Victoria, for example. She has over 180,000 miles and doesn’t miss a beat. So, what’s my problem with the ethanol-laced poison going into my tank?

About every 20,000 miles the old Crown Vic’ makes a visit to a local mechanic who has been changing out its fuel filter. He says ethanol dissolves rubber parts in the fuel system, thereby clogging my fuel filter. This I learned the first time, when the car stalled out and fefused gentle proddings to go forth. And so annual fuel filter change-outs are a usual and customary ritual to keep the old gal running dependably.

A report out of the American Petroleum Institute reveals how much more the new E15 mixture negatively affects our newer engines, potentially setting us up for fatal auto accidents. Is this news? Not to me. It’s important to know only automobiles clasified “flex fuel” are engineered to use ethanol fuels.

We know that mandating ethanol blend motor fuel added $14.5 billion motor fuel costs in 2011.

Fuel costs year by year suck more and more out of our personal budgets. Higher fuel costs necessarily reduce personal purchasing power, leading to lower GDP, further leading into economic recession. In fact, the mandate to mix ethanol is affecting global food supplies. Don’t believe me? Read this authoritative article in Forbes magazine:

The Coming Food Crisis: Blame Ethanol?

You can also check out E15 Gasoline

The Coming Food Crisis: Blame Ethanol?


Tell your U.S. Senators and your House member to end the mandate.

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