Eyes Left! – That’s Right – They’re Gunning for Your Guns

Let’s keep the fear going in the RIGHT direction.

Once upon a time, long, long ago, some wise men got together to say to a wicked king, “Enough is enough!” They put their heads together and wrote the most beloved and best-known “Dear John” letter of all history: the Declaration of Independence.

After a long and bloody war, unable to subdue the passions of those wise men, the wicked king said, “Basta – enough!” and pulled back his army. A new country was born. Sometime later some of those same wise men joined with several others to write out an enduring set of rules by which to govern the new nation and called it “Constitution”!

“Why do you write the nascent history of America like a nursery story?” I learned long ago to never wirte over the heads of my readership. You see, I know that Democrats, particularly one B.H. Obama, read all our emails, blogs and snoop on our telephone conversations. I just want to be sure they’ll understand what I write. That’s all.

Now, for the rest of us – Adult Dialog.

I don’t have to tell you what you already know. This president and his Democrat minions are out to infringe on our Constutitionally-guaranteed civil right to keep and bear arms.

Here in the land of Rockwall we have stated a new thing – an association of law-abiding citizens who appreciate the Rule of Law and the importance of preserving our cherished liberty for our progeny (for the benefit of Democrat readers: children & grandchildren).

CARGO (Citizens Association for Responsible Gun Ownership) Rockwall holds its first meeting February 14 (Thursday), 6 to 7 pm at Soulman’s Bar-B-Que. Rockwall County Sheriff Harold Eavenson will be our first featured speaker, addressing how to respond to unconstitutional executive orders. Open this link for all the details: https://rockwallconservative.me/2013/01/24/rockwall-sheriff-harold-eavenson-featured-speaker-cargo-rockwall/

What’s it cost? There are no dues, membership fees or the like. The only requirement of the proprietor is each perrson attending the meeting purchase from his cafeteria line.

Questions? CARGO.Rockwall@gmail.com

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