Joe Biden’s Self-Defense Advice Jeopardizes Women

Joe Biden Taking Aim At Second Amendment
Joe Biden Taking Aim At Our Second Amendment

One Blast From Joe Biden – There! That was easy!


Our Vice President has been ill for many years and science hasn’t brought forth promise of a cure for a dreadful disease. FIMD, or Foot In Mouth Disease, continues to plague him.

This week VP Biden experienced another episode of FIMD while starring in his Facebook ‘townhall’ show.

Joe says women need only shotguns for self-defense. He claims he has two locked up in his home and he says he instructed his wife on how to deal with criminals threatening their home. What is his advice to his wife?

Jill, if there’s ever a problem, just walk out on the balcony … take that double-barrel shotgun and fire two blasts outside the house.”

He actually said this? Yes, he actually said this.

For my fellow gun owners in the vicinity of Rockwall County, Texas, I don’t suggest you do this. If you do this in any of our municipalites, you’ll probably undergo a very unpleasant experience afterward.

Biden, as you know, comes from the state of Delaware where he is a member of the state Bar. Fellow Delaware attorney, Tom Shellenbergerm, spokesman for the Delaware State Sportsmen’s Association, warns, “There are a number of statutory restrictions that could be violated by shooting a shotgun ‘off the porch.”

“Beyond the potential criminal liability, it is simply bad advice,” added Shellenberger. “Not only does blasting blindly away put innocent persons at risk, it also tells the bad guys where you are and that you are armed. In most circumstances, it might be better if that comes as a surprise to the bad guys.”

The NRA responded with this 46-second video. Give a listen.

CARGO Rockwall (Citizens Association for Responsible Gun Ownership) provides the full spectrum of information, educational opportunities, gun selection and the law, with respect to ownership and use of firearms for self-defense.

Join us every third Thursday of the month at Soulman’s Bar-B-Que in Rockwall. There are no membership dues and the public is welcome. Our family-friendly meetings feature expert speakers  on the law, law enforcement, Concealed Handgun Licensing (CHL), weapons and ammunition and self-defense techniques. Learn the latest news about Second Amendment issues and how to take action to preserve your Constitutionally-guaranteed rights.


Contact your federal and state lawmakers. Remind them to not infirnge on our Second Amendment right.

Texas Senator John Cornyn

Texas Senator Ted Cruz

Texas State Senator Bob Deuell

Texas State Representative Scott Turner

Join the NRA to defeat efforts in Congress to disarm us.

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