Self Defense: It doesn’t matter what you carry, as long as you carry

True two years ago; ever moreso today. Author of the book ‘No Fear’ makes the case for armed self-defense.

Robert R. Surgenor, Sr.
Robert R. Surgenor, Sr.

Robert R.Surgenor Sr, retired police detective, makes the (convincing) case for concealed carry and gun ownership by law abiding citizens. Unlike so many anti gun people he points out the positive aspects. The audio of 911 calls, beginning and end, show a stark and tragic contrast with regard to being defenseless or armed.

View this short video to hear chilling 911 calls and to learn from retired detective Robert Surgenor, Sr.

It doesn’t matter what you carry, as long as you carry.“, says Robert Surgenor, Sr.

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Are you prepared to defend yourself against armed robbery, rape or other violent attacks on your family or your person?

CARGO Rockwall is a free association of citizens that serves to educate the community while fostering civil, respectful community relations between citizen and law enforcement – themost effective means to preserving our Second Amendment rights.

Join us every SECOND Thursday, 6-7 pm at Soulman’s Bar-B-Que in Rockwall, Texas for an action-packed, interesting and informative evening with fellow gun owners, law experts, firearms experts and law enforcement officers.

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