Texas Legislature Advances Pro-Second Amendment Bills

Texans Love Libety
Texans Love Libety

I encourage you to support the following handgun-related legislation now working its way through the Texas Legislature.

HB 972 – Allows CHL holders to carry on campus2a-text

HB 1077 & HB 1078

HB 700 (my favorite) allows ‘open carry’ – this one gets us back closer to the Second Amendment

Please contact all members of the Homeland Security and Public Safety Committee:

Chairman Rep. Joe Pickett (Thank the chairman, please) – CONTACT FORM
VC Rep. Allen Fletcher (Author of HB 972 campus)  – CONTACT FORM
Rep. Philip Cortez  – CONTACT FORM
Rep. Tony Dale  – CONTACT FORM
Rep. Dan Flynn  – CONTACT FORM
Rep. Tim Kleinschmidt (Author of HB 1077 and 1078)  – CONTACT FORM
Rep. George Lavender (Author of HB 700 Open Carry)  – CONTACT FORM
Rep. Kenneth Sheets  – CONTACT FORM
Rep. Ron Simmons  – CONTACT FORM

Read more from a report from the Texas State Rifle Association via this link and take action.

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