CPAC 2013 – Governor Rick Perry (R-TX)

Texas Gov. Rick Perry holds title to “longest serving governor” for good cause: Rick very well represents the vast majority of Texans. Is he conservative? Yes. Was he conservative while still a Democrat? Yes, and so was I. Does he have credentials as a conservative? Yes, he does. It his conservative record by which we have re-elected him.

Governor of the State of Texas
Gov. Rick Perry

At CPAC he dismissed the false idea conservatives have abandoned principles, saying it appeared that way in the last election because all we had were moderate candidates. He is correct. Romney and McCain have good qualities, but they are by no means truly conservative.

Here in Texas Hispanics are important. They are our neighbors, fellow business owners, employees, sons-in-law, daughters-in-law, and they are true conservatives. Here’s what Rick said of them:

“But now we are told that our party must shift to appeal to the growing Hispanic demographic,” Perry added. “Let me say something about what appeals to Hispanics in states like Texas. It is the free enterprise agenda that allows small businesses to prosper, free of government interference. It is the policies that value the family unit as the best and closest form of government. It’s the belief in life and the faith in God.”

There are Republicans who want Hispanics to vote Republican. In fact there are Hispanics who want to vote Republican, too, but the likes of so-called ‘moderates’ on the one hand and ‘red necks’ on the other discourage many from voting for GOP candidates. So, what’s the cure, brother?

This is my prediction. This is what I believe, I know, is happening right now, even as I write this and your read it: Hispanic leaders arise to take over the Republican Party of Texas. Young Hispanic leaders are emerging and they will be brilliant leaders like Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio and other ‘rising stars’.

Hear Gov. Perry’s speach 20-minute speech at 2013 CPAC convention via video below.

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