Oil’s Not Well In America – Time To Sound Off, Americans

Under the cover of anti-Second Amendment assaults by Democrats, this president strategically acts to kill American energy supplies. Perhaps he is a worshipper at the idol of “Global Warming”. Perhaps he uses that idolatrous religion to distract from his core goal of reducing the United States of America to somewhere around third-world status. I can’t judge his motives, but I can judge his actions.

Regrdless his motivation, this is what he is doing to us: he is systematically depriving American industry and American citizens of vital energy supplies.

You don’t have to have a doctoral degree in energy to grasp the vital nature of energy supplies.

While we are doing better by the day with natural gas supplies, domestic oil production also continues to rise, but not on lands owned by the federal government – there is actually a law that makes it unlawful to even speculate about oil reserves under the latter.

The Congressional Budget Office estimates 70% of ALL recoverable U.S. reserves are under federally controlled lands. If opened to exploration and production, in a short few years, oil prices and consequent petroleum products like Diesel and gasoline would plummet.

The only ‘cure’ for what ails us is the removal from office of anti-American Democrats in the Senate and House. Midterm elections cometh and it’s up to you and me to work to remove them and replace them with more of the likes of Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio.

Most important of all, pray that God will have mercy on us.

One thought on “Oil’s Not Well In America – Time To Sound Off, Americans

  1. Americn energy independence is coming about on private lands in spite of the obstructions put in place by the Left! Petroleum liquids are on the rise along with an abundence of natural gas. We could quickly be independent of the Middle East if we developed cars as well as trucks to us natural gas as well as build the Keystone pipeline. It is foolish to think mankind moves without fossel fuel energy!

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