CARGO Rockwall – Abused Women Don’t Have to Become Murder Statistics

CARGO Rockwall – Self-Defense For Women

March 17, 2013


Early this Sunday morning, while listening to a local radio station, a young lady related the story of her father’s abuse of her mother.

Following numerous physical beatings, some attacks hospitalizing her, her mom divorced her abusive dad. He declared, “If I can’t have you, no other man can have you. I’m going to kill you.” Mom took his threats seriously – she knew he always did what he said he would do.

Mom bought a pistol for self-defense. At night, it was under her pillow. By day, it was locked away in her cupboard.

The day came when that vicious, jealous, hateful man followed his wife home after she dropped all four children off at their respective schools.

Mom didn’t know he cut her telephone line the night before. He had a plan.

Her phone failing when she tried to call 911, she fled from her home raced across the neighbors’ yards. While running for her life, he caught up to her, shot her to death and then turned the gun on himself. HER GUN WAS LOCKED SAFELY AWAY IN THE CUPBOARD.


Ladies, some of you will marry badly. I don’t write to condemn you. We can’t go back in time to undo anything. I write to empower you with sound self-defense knowledge.

There is a range of holsters made just for you. Naturally, you should select the weapon right for you before anything else. You’ll find that a light-weight handgun is something

Find the holster that fits your lifestyle. DON'T LEAVE YOUR WEAPON IN THE CUPBOARD!
Find the holster that fits your lifestyle. DON’T LEAVE YOUR WEAPON IN THE CUPBOARD!

you can carry around with little discomfort. A too-heavy weapon will tire you out and discourage you from keeping it with you at all times.

You should learn the laws governing handgun ownership, transport and proper use. Concealed Handgun License training is paramount.

Always take threats seriously. Remember he knows your habits. He knows your routine. He knows how to ambush you.

Be prepared to defend yourself at all times, at least until he is either behind bars or you live on different continents.

Citizens Association for Responsible Gun Ownership in Rockwall (CARGO Rockwall) serves to educate, inform and empower law-abiding citizens on the natural right to self-defense.

There is absolutely no cost to join. There are no obligations on your part to do anything whatsoever. We are just like-minded citizens with a passion for the natural right to self-defense.

To get monthly notices, send an email to

CARGO Rockwall
CARGO Rockwall





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