Lindsey, Lindsey, Lindsey – Which Part of “shall not be infringed” Do You Misunderstand?

Sen. Lindsey Graham suggests an expansion of government. Is this what Republicans want? Read the story from Fox News via this link.

Was it sufficient that Democrats on the Senate Judiciary Committee want to disarm us? For Sen. Lindsey Graham it was not enough. His great compromise is to federalize all mental illness, thereby keeping all branded as “mentally ill” from enjoying their natural right to self-defense.

Janet Napolitano has essentially branded all returning veterans of foreign wars as “mentally ill”. Don’t believe me? Allow me to share this article posted on the Examiner on August 28, 2012.

A new report suggests that since 2009 U.S. veterans are being quietly forced into mental hospitals across the country where they are committed against their will and detained indefinitely.

The report by Susanne Posel, which was published Monday, indicates that increasingly the U.S. government is designating veterans who return home from service overseas as mentally unfit. Their firearms are then confiscated, and they are forced into psychiatric facilities to receive treatment for conditions as common and non-threatening as post traumatic stress. Read the entire story on the Examiner.

This president and willing accomplices in this administration will go to extremes in order to disarm American citizens. To be very clear, assessing mental health is not one of the enumerated powers given federal government by the states.

ACTION – Contact your two U.S. Senators. Tell them to oppose Lindsey Graham’s proposal for national mental health data base.

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Rockwall County TEA Party
Rockwall County TEA Party

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