Earth to Obama, Earth to Obama – Abort Mission to Destroy America

Empowered by Senate Socialist Democrats, aided by pathetic Republicans in Name Only (RINO), he will probably get his way.


Obama wants to increase his “investments”. Investments are so named because with such expenditures there is expectation of gain – getting back more than you put into the investment. What kinds of “investments”? You can bet he will squander more of our faltering treasury on bailouts and paybacks to political contributors.


As Paul Ryan pointed out this morning on Fox News, Obama’s big plan is to increase taxes AND spending over one trillion dollars each, spending the greater number.

We do not have a problem with insufficient taxation; we have a problem with out-of-control spending.

Our children, grandchildren and their descendants are doomed to a life of slavery to the state.

He is attempting to disarm us so we have no means of fighting back.

He is attempting to destroy our economy to drag us down to third-world status.

He is bungling foreign relations, this the man who hates supposed “colonialist” governments, and himself becoming the world’s police chief.

He is aiding and abetting our enemies, a new axis of evil comprised of Russia, China and Islamic states.

Tell your two senators and your representative to cut spending, stand firm against increasing taxes and to repeal or defund the Affordable Care Act (ObamaCare).

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