Fort Hood Soldier In Hostile Territory – Bell County Texas

A Fort Hood soldier, a father, on a backwoods trek with his Eagle Scout candidate son was arrested, jailed, his lawful firearms confiscated and now faces prosecution.

In the State of Texas, Concealed Handgun Licences (CHL) are required solely for the purpose of having on your person a handgun. State law has no requirement whatsoever for the lawful possession of a rifle, loaded or unloaded, else every deer hunter you know could wind up in the same situation as Sgt. C.J. Grisham.

The Temple, Texas policeman says, “When you alarm people and they call us” and police can arrest you. When Sgt. Grisham asks the policeman if he explains the law to the callers, he replies, “They (the callers) don’t care what the law is.”

The Daily Caller’s Patrick Howley writes, “…Texas is a right-to-carry state, and law-abiding gun permit owners can carry rifles and hunting weapons openly, so long as the weapons are not being carried in a threatening way.

But one of the Temple police officers told Grisham that anyone holding a gun is considered dangerous, according to the video…”

Anyone holding a gun is considered dangerous in Texas?

“While out hiking with my son through backcountry roads to help him earn his Eagle Scout rank, I was illegally arrested and disarmed without cause. I was thrown in jail and my lawfully owned weapons were confiscated without receipt or notice.” Sgt. C.J. Grisham

Read the story and view the video via this link to The Daily Caller

In the years of my youth in Texas – born and raised in Texas – it was ordinary for men, and boys, to openly carry rifles and shotguns. We actually took them to school in our cars and some of my classmates openly hung their long guns from racks over the rear window of pickup trucks.

The question for today: should public hysteria override the Rule of Law? The answer is obviously a resounding “NO”.

While one central objective of CARGO Rockwall is to educate citizens, educating law enforcement officers is also a central objective. That’s why we invite law enforcement officers to our monthly meetings. Get to know them and feel free to discuss issues like open carry of long guns.

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