Eric Holder Persecutes Homeschoolers

AP Photo Romeike Homeschool Family teaching their children
AP Photo
Romeike Homeschool Family teaching their children

Remember the plight of a German family that fled Germany to be able to homeschool their children? Why would Eric Holder NOT investigate Chechen Islamist terrorists, but choose to forcefully repatriate a Christian family to certain criminal prosecution in Germany for the “crime” of educating their children?

In arguments over the deportation of the Romeike family, Holder defended Germany’s statist policy saying,

“Banning homeschooling does not violate rights.”


  1. Pray earnestly for the Romeike family to be able to remain in our country where they can freely educate their children.
  2. Contact Eric Holder’s office to state your opinions (be polite, specific and unemotional).
  3. Contact your Congressional delegation to ask each of them to openly intervene on behalf of the Romeike family’s immigration status.

Learn more about the Romeike family from this video produced by the HSLDA (Home School Legal Defense Association):

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